Puffins - Our First Week!

Date: 10th Sep 2020 @ 10:01pm


What a wonderfully busy week it has been! Mrs Bevin and I are so proud of how well you have come back to school! We have been reading, writing, counting, colouring, painting, exercising, playing, talking, listening, learning about ways to keep safe online... The list goes on! However, I think one of the activities the children enjoyed most was using the iPads. This year we will be using an app called Seesaw, it is a brilliant tool which will improve our learning even more! One skill this requires from the children is for them to be able to take a photograph so we started practising this, this afternoon. We talked about how to hold the iPad correctly and safely and the children were so careful with them. We practised taking photos of some of the books from our Puffin library. I was so proud of every Puffin! Look at the concentration on their faces. See you all tomorrow! 

Miss Southern & Mrs Bevin 

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