Puffins New Class Blog - 17.07.20

Date: 17th Jul 2020 @ 1:28am

Happy Friday Everyone! 

Steggy believes in you (GIF) - GIF - Imgur

I can't quite believe it's the last transition blog already! I have really enjoyed watching you complete these activities and getting to know you a bit more. Thank you so much to all of you who have taken part, and thank you parents for supporting, you're all amazing! Can't wait to see you all in September now! However, before you go I have one last activity... This is something I tried with my class a little while back and the things they come up with amazed me! Knowing you all a bit more now, I know you will blow my socks off! This challenge is called 'One Black Dot Can Be...'. Can you ask a grown up to draw a black dot (around the size of a £2 coin) somewhere on a piece of paper? Now your job is to turn that black dot into something new! Please see some examples below. 

Cannot wait to see where your imagination takes you! 

Miss Southern & Mrs Bevin :) 

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