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Online Safety

Date: 21st Apr 2020 @ 8:33am

With all the amount of time that we are spending online at the moment, it is important to remember just how we can stay safe online. I know all of you got really involved with this subject when we learnt about it in school but I have attached a few documents that you can read with your grown-ups to refresh your memory - a poster and a story about 'Smartie the Penguin'


Writing Task - w/c 20.4.20

Date: 21st Apr 2020 @ 8:23am

Writing Task - w/c 20.4.20

As mentioned in yesterday’s blog, teachers will now be setting up a writing task every Monday. This week we have set you an instruction based task created on Purple Mash, using the programme ‘2create a story’. You will be writing about ‘How to Make a Healthy Wrap’, your wraps turned out so well when you created them in school it would be great to see how much you remember about making them and what you included in yours. Maybe you could even recreate it at home. Can you remember how instructions should look?

If you can’t quite remember all the points about instruction writing, don’t worry. Here is a reminder to help you

I hope that has refreshed your memory, an example of my first sentence to create my healthy wrap after my ‘You will need’ list might be

I have attached a success criteria below to hopefully help you out, I can’t wait to see the instructions that you write. It might even inspire me to create some healthy wraps at home, I remember being extremely jealous of the ones that you came up with in class!

Success Criteria – Instruction Writing


I have included a title


I have included a ‘You will need’ list


I have numbered my instructions


I have included imperative (bossy) verbs (put, place, cut)


I have included time openers (first, then, finally)


I have given clear instructions that can be understood to the reader


I have used capital letters and full stops



Puffin Class Home Learning 21.04.20

Date: 21st Apr 2020 @ 12:49am


Happy Tuesday Pufflings! 

Hope you had a lovely day yesterday. At our house, we made some cheese swirls and did some shadow drawings. I have loved reading all about what you have been up to on the blogs. Hopefully, you have seen the replies. 

Special Mentions

Well done to everyone who has watched and joined in the online phonics tutorials that I did from my house! We were blow away by Jacob’s hard work. Amazing handwriting, great application of the sound ‘ay’ in words and sentences. The sentence is super because it has a capital letter, question mark, finger spaces and the ‘ay’ sound.  Well done to Jenson and Hugo for trying hard this morning with their phonics and another well done for some super cake making! What a great way to start the week. Keep the blogs coming in, they are so lovely to see.


Today’s learning
Maths Year 1- P9, Q1, C14
English Year 2- Q1, Q2, Q3

See separate writing blog about instructions with example.

Please also complete activities on:
Read Theory
Purple Mash

Phonics Online Tutorial – 2- Phase 5 'ou' Mrs Lenagan

Spellings can be found on our own discussions blog.


Have a great day,


Mrs Lenagan and Miss Thompson


Mrs Lenagan's Online Phonics Tutorials

Date: 19th Apr 2020 @ 11:05pm

Mrs. Lenagan’s Phonics Tutorials

There will now be 4 online tutorials per week, covering 4 different sounds from Phase 5 which is what the children were working on in school before the closure. These are designed to be active sessions for children join in with, similar to what they did in school. The children only need a piece of paper, a pen/pencil and a grown-up to sit next to them for support. The role of the adult is to check for correct letter formation (cursive print), support with segmenting and blending of words and support the sentence application at the end. All of which will all be explained and guided throughout. Each week, spellings will be set for year 1 children based on the sounds learned and will include the common exception words (full lists of CEW can be found on class pages on the blog).

Search: Phase 5 'ay' Mrs Lenagan

Or follow the link:

Please feel free to leave a comment, blog any work on School Spider and re-watch as many times as necessary, until the children know and can use the sounds. There are also explanations of online follow up games that can be used on tablets, phones and computers to apply the learning from the tutorial.

There will be a new link on class blogs Monday to Thursday for the latest tutorial. 

Puffin Class Home Learning 20.04.20

Date: 19th Apr 2020 @ 10:56pm

Hello Puffins!


We hope that you are all happy and well. At my house we have been doing lots of jigsaws when it has been raining and when the sun has been shining, we have been going for walks and bike rides. We have been having flower spotting competitions too now that it is spring. So far, we have seen; tulips, daffodils, daisies and dandelions!  What have you been up to? Let me know on the blog!


Special Mentions

Well done to Casey and Liam for amazing garden pictures and great use of digital literacy for the sentence/words.