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We are The Gates Reading Buddies.


We completed an application form to become Reading Leaders in our school following an assembly that introduced the role, responsibilities, and job specification. Upon successful application, we undertook training with the Phonics Leader and one of our peers who has experience of being a Reading Buddie last year. We were then awarded our badges. Now that we are qualified, we work with the Year 1 children, completing activties outdoors to support the children to learn their tricky words. We also support the chidlren 1:1 reading with their books in school. We aim to be excellent role models within our school and to have a big impact on the children’s confidence and ability to read. 


Mission Statement

We promise to work together to help KS1 children so that they improve their reading ability.Aims

We aim to:Ensure that everyone will be supported at their level.Increase everyone's ability to read.Support the children to develop their confidence.


Autumn Term Update 

This term we have worked hard to support our Buddies in Key Stage (KS) 1 through a range of enaging activities. These include: 

- Learning tricky words outside through a hopscotch game

- Listening to our reading buddies read their matched phonics books to us,  

- Worked on developing their visual memory through jigsaws and KIMs games

-Recorded books recommendation interviews with our peers. 




We are really proud of our KS1 Buddies who have worked exceptionally hard with us and as a result of their efforts, their confidence is growing with each session. We are working hard to continue to develop their fluency during the Spring term through another set collection of fun activities. 


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