Health and Fitness Week - Day 2

Date: 7th Jul 2020 @ 8:39am

Good morning everyone!

I was so blown away by your responses at home to yesterdays challenges. It seems like so many of you got involved and really enjoyed challenging yourself and others. I have attached some pictures that were sent in yesterday. 

Today's activities

1) Activity Bingo

Remember to try and tick off as many activities as you can!

2) Let's get dancing!

There are two dance sessions for you to try today - one aimed at KS1 and one aimed at KS2. Try them out and see if you can create your own dance routine using the moves you have learned. Don;t forget to post your responses like yesterday onto the new discussion feed I have madesmiley.

KS1 - Brazilian Samba Dancing -

KS2 - Bollywood Dancing - (KS1 could also try this if they wanted to!) -

Home Olympics - Event 2 - Standing Long Jump!

Afterthe extrememly tiring speed bounce yesterday, you will be glad to know that today's event is not quite as exhausting.

For the standing long jump you will need to:

1) Decide a starting point.

2) Stand with two feet together.

3) Bend your knees and swing your arms back.

4) As you jump forward, swing your arms forward.

5) Measure from the back of your foot. (in metres or centimtres if possible).

6) Keep a record of your best scores for Friday.smiley Challenge other people in your house to see what they can get.

Click the link to see my attempt in the wonderful weather. I am going to keep trying and aim for 2m.

Some updated scores!

Mr Dean - 1.90m

Mrs Jackson - 1.63m

Mrs Forshaw - 1.28m

Mr Horsley - 2.23m (Mr Dean and his class witnessed and measured!)

Miss Fairhurst - 1.54m

Mr Simpson - ????? Surely his added height would be an advantage?

Mr Walmsley - 2.00m

Miss Altham - 1.63m

Have a great, active day everyone. Keep sending in your pictures and videos.


Mr Horsley

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