Date: 8th Jul 2020 @ 8:42am

Good morning everyone!

What an amazing day again yesterday -  I cannot believe how many photos and videos were submitted yesterday. I'm so impressed with the effort and resilience I have seen displayed at home - it looks like we have some excellent jumpers in school and some excellent dancers in school...although if you ask my Bubble they might not have appreciated my Bollywood dance moves so much yesterday.sad

Today's activities

1) Activity Bingo

Remember to try and tick off as many activities as you can!

2) Let's get dancing!

There are two Yoga sessions for you to try today - one aimed at KS1 and one aimed at KS2. Why don't you try and research about Yoga first before you try it. Where was it created? What is it used for? Why is it good for you?smiley.Yoga always surprises me with how tiring it actually is! It is great for your body and mind.

KS1 - Yoga

KS2 - Yoga

Home Olympics - Event 3 - Washing Basket Throw Challenge

Today's event will test your throwing and your agility!

For this task:

1) Find a washing basket, box, bucket - any target you can find around the house

2) Find three rolled up pairs of socks.

3) Stand 9 steps back from the target.

4) Set a timer to one minute - when you start, throw the three bean bags and sprint to collect them. Then run back to your throwing point.

5) Repeat until the timer runs out - count how many pairs of socks you get in the target.

6) Keep a record of your best scores for Friday.smiley Challenge other people in your house to see what they can get.


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Have a great, active day everyone. Keep sending in your pictures and videos.


Mr Horsley

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