Date: 9th Jul 2020 @ 6:51pm

Today will be our last day of the Virtual Health and Fitness Week - in my opinion it's the best one yet. I would like to start by thanking all of you who participated and challenged yourself this week. I have honestly been blown away by how many people participated this week and I hope that you have all had fun. Hopefully, some of you may have taken something from this week that has inspired you to try and make every week a Health and Fitness week in the future! 

Activities for today

1) Let's get warmed up with a 5 minute workout from Joe.

If you are feeling an extra challenge - you could try one of his full workouts on the link below.

2) Activity Bingo - today is your last day to finish the activity bingo - can you get gold?

3) Balloon Tennis - 

Challenge someone in your house to a game of balloon tennis! I used two chairs and tied a piece of string to make a net. If not, a piece of string, ribbon, scrunched up t-shirt etc. would do the job! Try not to let the balloon land on your side of the 'net'!


Extra challenge - tie an old rag or dishcloth into a knot and use that as a slightly heavier 'ball'. You could use an even heavier pair of socks for an even harder challenge!


Water Bucket Shuttle Run

I saw this idea on Twitter and thought this would be great fun. Get two buckets, one empty and one full. Place them at opposite ends of the your garden. See how much water can you transport to the other in 5 minutes. Measure the water you have transported at the end and let me know how you got on - I am going to give this a go tomorrow! (A bit of Maths involved in there for you too Mr Simpson!)


@PEStJamesNN5 PE challenge with wather and sponge made Wiktor very tired and excited;););) Enjoyed so much !!!

— joanna (@joasia8522) April 27, 2020


Home Olympics - Final Event

In my opinion - the hardest yet! They may look simple but this is a very tiring activity which will test your core stregth and stamina. This is a core activity that many professional athletes do daily to help keep them super fit and healthy.

The task is to see how many you can do in one minute.

Have a rest in between and try this 3-5 times to see how high you can get your score!

There will be a survey sent out on School Spider later today to submit your final scores for the week. Then we can see which class has won this years Home Olympics!


Have a great day everyone. I hope you enjoy the activities planned. Send in your pictures and videos for me to check out and repost.


Mr Horsley




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