Kingfishers Home Learning 16th July

Date: 16th Jul 2020 @ 8:35am

Good morning!

Happy Thursday Stock Illustrations – 1,329 Happy Thursday Stock ...

Well done to those of you who completed the aspirations work yesterday - you all have some really interesting career ideas. Only two more days to go for this school year - are any of you doing anything nice this summer?


Today's task - Interest/Passion Project

For the next two days, I would like you to create a project on something you are passionate about or extremely interested. This could be a hobby, a person, a place, animal etc. I want you to do as much research about it as possible and present it to me in a way that can best teach me about your chosen subject. 

Here is an example from someone who did a project on China.

I love travelling, music, sport and trying new food. I have unfortunately always been a big Blackburn Rovers fan and watch the games as often as I can.

25 years on from Blackburn's greatest day, a Premier League title ... But if I were to choose, I would do a project on American Football - I'd choose this because it is not as popular as football. I love all sports really but I have been passionate about American Football for a long time, and like Mr Dean, I used to play for a while in my younger years . I especially like the team the Green Bay Packers and I hope to go there in the future. My favourite player is (the greatest Quarterback of all time) Aaron Rodgers - it is worth watching his highlights on YouTube! You will often see me wearing their t-shirts and jumpers on PE days! Let me know what you are passionate about!

Aaron Rodgers and his offensive line at Lambeau in the snow ...

I'm excited to hear what you are interested in.


Have a great day.


Mr Horsley.

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