Puffins - Home and School Morning Learning - 1-5 February

Date: 6th Feb 2021 @ 9:26pm

The Puffins class children have learned four new sounds and had fun doing a playground or house search for tricky words.  In Maths, they extended their knowledge of number by counting to 50.  They can count in 10s to 50 and in 1s to 50.  Puffins children's next challenge is to find one more or one less than a number.  Our new story was from the picture book, Once Upon A Time.  This is a funny story where a boy complains that nothing happens whilst, around him, fairy tale stories and nursery rhyme characters can be seen in their storylines.  

We have also spent a lot of time working on our EdShed activites as they help us to make our learning 'sticky learning' - this means that we will remember our previously learned work.  Mrs Richmond is delighted that more than half of the class have high Maths scores and one third have high Spelling scores.  


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