Puffins Home Learning 29.06.20

Date: 28th Jun 2020 @ 5:46pm

Good morning Puffins Class and happy Monday! 



I've been super impressed with how hard you've been working on IXL - you've answered nearly 7,000 questions!


Today's home learning is:

Maths is to know number bonds:

There is a worksheet at the end of the lesson, but if you want to practise more, you can look on IXL:

Maths - Year 1 - Addition - D1, D2

English - Year 1 - Sentences - L1, L2


For today's writing, I would like you to write silly sentences! First, you need to write 5 nouns on separate pieces of paper, then 5 adjectives and 5 verbs. Fold them up so you can't see them and then pick one from each pile and turn them into sentences:

Here is my example:

Noun - banana

Adjective - beautiful

Verb - danced

The beautiful banana danced to the music on the radio.


Either take photographs of your writing and show them on your blog, or type you sentences into a blog post. I'm looking forward to reading your silly sentences!


Today's phonics can be found by clicking on the image below:


Check the discussion for this week's spellings.


This week's afternoon learning is:

Have a happy Monday Puffins Class!

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