Swallows New Class Blog - 10th July

Date: 9th Jul 2020 @ 10:34pm

Good Morning Swallows!!!

I hope that you have all enjoyed your first week following your new class blog. You have worked extremely hard and me and Mrs Boneham are very impressed indeed. We have a feeling there may be difficult choice ahead for Star of The Week in September! Here are some more star work shares:



These are just a handful of pieces; we have been spoilt for choice. Keep sharing your wonderful work Swallows!

Today's task:

Today we would like you to complete a book review about your favourite book from yesterday. Use a piece of A4 paper. Draw a picture and write the title of your book in the centre. Then, around the outside, use bubbles, sections or clouds to tell us about the characters, setting, the main events and why you like it. When you have finished, colour it in… Don’t forget to blog it when you have finished!


Have a wonderful weekend all of you and keep shining brightly!

Mr P 🌈🌈🌈

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