Whole School Physical Activity Challenge - Aut1 Wk2

Date: 14th Sep 2020 @ 10:58pm

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Good Morning Everybody!

It's been great to hear all the positive feedback from teachers and children about our 'Gates Physical Activity Challenge'. As promised on the newsletter, here is our 'Word of the Week'. Please see the photo for images if you are unsure what the activity looks like. 

       - 5 Star Jumps

       P - 5 Windmills

       O - 10 High Knees

       R - 10 Second Sprint on the Spot

       T - 5 Squats

How many times can you complete the word in;

3 minutes - EYFS/KS1

4 minutes - KS2

5 minutes - Parents (We would love to see you joining in too!)

I have also attached a copy of our whole 'Active Alphabet'. You could use this as a fun way to practise your spellings too! 

Miss Southern :)

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