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Gardening , by Mrs Jarrett

Date: 3rd Apr 2020 @ 3:19pm

We've been outside today in the garden area getting the planters ready for planting bulbs next week. 

Rainbows of hope, by Mrs Jarrett

Date: 2nd Apr 2020 @ 1:51pm

Today we made rainbows for NHS Nightingale and Wigan hospital ICU to bring a bit of hope and colour to their wards. 

Homelearning projects , by Mrs Jarrett

Date: 1st Apr 2020 @ 2:51pm

Look at the brilliant progress we are making on our homelearning projects. Everyone has put so much effort in and really persevered today and been really focused. Well done guys! 

Crafting , by Mrs Jarrett

Date: 31st Mar 2020 @ 2:23pm

We have had a nice day crafting today making Spring lambs and Easter bunnies. 


We then took the opportunity to crack on with some of the topic home learning webs. 

We're working on animal painting, Day of the Dead masks, clay volcanoes and animals, South American football teams, Rainforest and stone art work. We are going to continue these projects through the week and will show you the end results! 


Easter Learning , by Mr Pryle

Date: 30th Mar 2020 @ 2:43pm

Afternoon all,


We just wanted to wish you all a very happy Easter holidays with family, now more than ever it is important to think of others Swallows. Stay safe, enjoy the freedom and relax with a good book! I am currently reading about a man called Genghis Khan - some research for all of you! A 'great' warrior, something to focus on! School is a very different place, all I can hear is the sound of the paper ruslting in the slight breeze. I miss the sound of laughter and some witty remarks, naming no-one there Hayden! 


Have a wonderful break, remember you can still access IXL but there won't be a specific task for the next two weeks on LBQ or IXL, why not try a different years learning to challenge yourselves?  A quick pic to boost morale, here's Harrison pushing himself to learn:

Happy Easter all, have a nice break,

Mr Pryle, cool Mrs Roberts laugh

In school today, by Mrs Jarrett

Date: 30th Mar 2020 @ 2:05pm

We have had a busy day in school today. 

This morning we had some iPad time following up on some of the learning from last week.

We have had lots of outside time getting lots of fresh air.  This afternoon we have been doing lots of Easter, Springtime crafts; making Easter chicks, decorating eggs and making textured landscapes. 

All the children are behaving brilliantly and an asset to The Gates family. 

Easter holidays, by Miss Whalley

Date: 30th Mar 2020 @ 10:09am

Good morning my little pumpkins! Today is the first day of the Easter holidays. I think you all deserve a good rest and so I won't be setting any home learning for the next two weeks. I've been so impressed with how much work you've completed on IXL - look at our newest certificate this morning!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend! I made the most of being able to go out of the house once a day and went on some long walks round a park near where I live. I saw some beautiful flowers along the way! I then made some banana bread - it is delicious! 


It's been really lovely to see your blog posts - I miss you all and so it's great to still be able to see you via your photos and videos! Here are some from the past few days - lots of fun is being had!


Keep your blog posts coming - did you know that you can comment on each other's posts to say hello?

Have a great Monday!

Miss Whalley

Happy Easter!, by Mr Simpson

Date: 28th Mar 2020 @ 4:58pm

Hi folks!

Well done for this week - lots of you completed all the tasks that were set! Well done parents too! : )

We've started to get some great home learning photos coming in. Thanks for these Olivia:


Well done to Mr Jack V, who top scored on today's Arithmetic Test with 39/40. I want some 40's next time guys! : )

I promised I'd update you with the result of mine and Alexander's rainbow attempt, so here it is:

The paint colours will never be the same again! They're all a kind of muddy brown now - Alexander doesn't get the importance of cleaning his fingers before he dips them in the paint again!

I'm not coping very well with no longer being able to teach maths. Alexander's feeling the brunt of my frustrations. I tried some more bar model with him yesterday. We were counting Peppa Pigs and ducks (Yes, they are ducks before you laugh!). He was okay with counting how many, but struggled on finding the difference / how many more. I put it in a bar model, but other than a few snorts and quacks, I didn't get the reaction I'd hoped for! I've added the photos at the bottom.

There will be no daily learning set over the Easter hols. Please keep up with your reading (Reading Solutions & books) and IXL. It would be great to see some photos of you reading in ususal places - you might have to be creative with this due to current circumstances! 

Have a lovely Easter,

Take care,

Mr Simpson

 (Alexander's daffodils he planted in Autumn!)




A great week of learning, by Miss Altham

Date: 27th Mar 2020 @ 6:26pm

Wow, what a week Penguins.

I have really enjoyed seeing all your great photos on the pupil blog and seeing all that super learning you've been doing on IXL and Purple Mash.

Dougie has had a fun-filled week doing lots of learning at home with his grown-ups and enjoying the sunshine.

Have a lovely week off next week and I can't wait to hear all about your Easter. Don't eat too much chocolate :)

Miss Altham

Happy Easter, by Miss Woodward

Date: 27th Mar 2020 @ 6:17pm

Well, that is the end of a very strange week and the start of the Easter holidays. It's not the way we expected to end but I've loved keeping in touch with some of you this week.

Here's the current progress from IXL, so many questions answered!

And a special shout out to Amelia, Chloe and Lola T, I think you three win for most questions answered in IXL this week, along with most texts read on readtheory. I won't be setting any work over the Easter holidays but feel free to keep blogging and letting me know what you're up to. I will be checking regularly and commenting where possible. Please continue to read as well, let me know about any new books that you are reading! 

It has been so good to see you blogging this week, here's a couple of pictures that made me smile today. 

Have a great break, let's hope the sun keeps shining!


Friday's Learning - 27.03.20, by Miss Fairhurst

Date: 27th Mar 2020 @ 4:48pm

Well... that's the end of a strange week but the start of a well deserved break... Easter. Before we depart for a break, I want to share with you again the celebrations of the work completed today. 


Well done to Thomas who gained full marks today on his Task 1 - Revision of KS2 Verbs. 


We are now up to 19,914 questions - just short of our 20,000 target! However, I know we can do it!

Special mention to Leon, who has ended the week answering the most amount of questions with 1,088!

Overall, Akshay is in the lead answering 2337 questions, with Leon just behind on 2238 questions. 

This is our total overall so far for Doves Class:

Reading Solutions

Well done to Nathan who has completed his level A on reading solutions.

Other special mentions 

My early bird worker for today was Leon, who started his work on IXL at 8:27am! 

Also, a special mention to Parthiv, who has shown resilience with his Times Tables Rockstars throughout the week. It finally paid off today as Parthiv reached the target he had set himself. 

Well done to all for continuing to show dedication and hard work towards your school work. Enjoy your Easter break and have lots of fun. 

Woodpeckers - What a Day!, by Mrs Latham

Date: 27th Mar 2020 @ 4:08pm

Hi Woodpeckers,

You have all been really busy today. I have been having a nosey and I am really impressed. I have seen some super photographs showing me what fun you have been having. I have been sent a few rainbows too which brightened my day. Keep sending these in.