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Penguins - LGBT+

Date: 4th Feb 2021 @ 1:35pm

Today as part of our LGBT+ Rainbow month we read the story and Tango makes three. It's a story about 2 boy penguins that want to have a baby penguin like all the other penguins in the zoo. We used this book to talk about families, who is in our families and how all our families are different and all just as special. 

Nursery - Rainbow Challenges

Date: 3rd Feb 2021 @ 7:56pm

This week we have been very busy learning all about Chinese New Year. We have been using our scissor skills to make a Chinese lantern, building bridges to help the Zodiac animals cross the river, making symmetrical dragon face paintings and writing Chinese numbers in glitter. Well done Nursery!

Woodpeckers The Gates Games

Date: 3rd Feb 2021 @ 2:48pm

The Woodpeckers had a go at The Gates Games , we found out that we were really good at catching and our score improved with practise.  We also discovered that we need a lot more practise for the step 3 challenge !

PSHE. Looking After the Envirronment.

Date: 3rd Feb 2021 @ 12:10am

In PSHE, we have been learning about how to look after our environment. The children at home and in school made some fantastic posters and models by recycling materials.  During our live lesson we read the story of The Messy Magpie together, taking turns to use our excellent reading skills. 

Star of the Week, Head Teacher Award, Spelling and Times-table Awards.

Date: 3rd Feb 2021 @ 12:01am

A special mention for Jack who has won the Headteacher's Award and Spelling Award this week! Amazing!

Well done to our Star of the Week who has been coming up with fantastic adjectives to use in his writing.

Also a big well done to Jacob B who is our Times Tables Champion this week! 

You are all stars to us, keep up the fantastic work Owls Class.


Woodpeckers PSHE

Date: 2nd Feb 2021 @ 3:43pm

The Woodpeckers have been reading books by Olly Pike. They are about inclusion, diversity, equality and acceptance. We have designed an identity heart shield to show all of our positive traits and all the things we enjoy.

Nursery- outdoor learning

Date: 2nd Feb 2021 @ 2:20pm

Our outdoor learning was very creative this morning. We put on our wellies and took the powder paints outside. Out there we discovered how to make new colours by mixing the powders together into the snow. We made marks to make pictures and coloured them in. We did lots of motor skill movements, lots of team work and lots of new discoveries were made through our play! 

Woodpecker Biographies

Date: 1st Feb 2021 @ 5:18pm

The Woodpecker class have been super busy researching and writing biographies about a local WW2 soldier called Jim Sharrock. A local lady sent us some information about this local hero and together we unpicked the information and put it all together to write biographies about his life. 

What an inspirational man! 

Here are some of our biographies from the children both in school and at home. 

Nursery- Chinese Restaurant Opening

Date: 1st Feb 2021 @ 2:34pm

The children have been very excited to eat and work at the new Chinese Restaurant in our Nursery class which has been set up in conjunction with our Chinese New Year topic. The children have been reading menus, writing down orders, cooking up lots of delicious food and clearing up afterwards. 


Date: 1st Feb 2021 @ 1:53pm

We have loved taking our coding skills to the next level with these Microbits. We have been coding a fortune telling toy and some of us have even written code to create a working radio transmitter which can send messages across the classroom! 

Star of the Week

Date: 1st Feb 2021 @ 1:49pm

Well done to Harry - I am so impressed with the effort you are putting into your home learning!

River Course Models

Date: 1st Feb 2021 @ 1:44pm

We are having great fun making our Mod-Roc river course models. 

Nursery- Rainbow Month

Date: 1st Feb 2021 @ 10:09am

Today we've started Rainbow Month by reading Elmer. We have talked about how he is different and celebrated this. We liked the ending and how the other elephants dressed up to show their uniqueness too or the parade. Our follow up activity was to use the person outline and use colours and symbols that we feel represent us. We discovered that we are all different and that we really liked this! We said that even though people are all different we treat everyone with the same respect. We have placed our little mini mes on our Wonder Walls so that we always remember this. 



Rainbow GIF by ahn0ahn0 - Find & Share on GIPHY

Puffins - Afternoon Learning

Date: 1st Feb 2021 @ 3:16am

Another week filled with lots of fantastic learning! Take a look at some of the things our home and school learners have been up to in Puffins this week. In Science we carried out an investigation into the suitability of materials, trying to find a good material to repair an umbrella with. In History we learnt about what a Victorian school was like, it's safe to say our children love school even more after Madam Southern's visit! In Music we learnt about pitch and played the Do-Re-Me game. We enjoyed putting together gymnastics moves to create a sequence in PE. We have also enjoyed our Gates Games challenge this week. I know some of the children at home really enjoyed the toilet roll challenge, some played it for a long time afterwards too! Our school Puffins also liked using the Beebots in computing. We had our live PSHE lesson on Friday too. We read the Messy Magpie and found things we could recycle in our homes. In RE, we learnt about the Jewish creation story. 

Puffins - Home and School Morning Learning - 25-29 January

Date: 29th Jan 2021 @ 6:26pm

The children in Puffins class continued to use the story 'Farmer Duck' as inspitation for writing activities.  They have learned about the days of the week;  the prefix 'un'; prepositions and have worked hard on their letter formation for l, i and t.  On Monday we had our first of four live Phonics lessons and it was great for the children to be able to learn alongside their friends.  In Maths, the children continued to practisetheir addition and subtraction within 20.  We also practised counting 1to 20 and the harder counting pattern of 20 to 1.

Congratulations to our Star Of The Week, Dylan, and our Golden Book nominee, Wyatt!

Nursery - Awards

Date: 29th Jan 2021 @ 2:09pm

Well done to our Rainbow Challenge winners this week. They have been working very hard making playdoh octopus, mixing shades of blue to make an ocean painting, building a submarine using megablocks and using their scissor skills to make a toilet roll octopus.

Well done to our Star of the Week. Fantastic home learning this week, we are all super proud of you! I will put your certicate in your tray for when you are back in school.

Well done to our Reading Challenge winner for reading 5 times this week!


Penguin winners

Date: 29th Jan 2021 @ 1:35pm

Well done to our Star of the Week, awarded for amazing sentence writing; you have really blown me away! 

Well done to all our weekly winners too and to all of Penguins that read this week, we had 81% green readers this week; amazing!! 


Starlings Friday Awards

Date: 29th Jan 2021 @ 10:42am

Well done to our weekly winners this week!

Starlings have worked extremely hard both in school and at home this week which made it very difficult to choose just three winners!


Weekly Winners!

Date: 29th Jan 2021 @ 10:20am

Weekly Awards

⭐️Star of the Week⭐️

A huge congratulations to our Star Of The Week in Swallows this week. He has put in a super effort in uploading and completing all of his home learning this week and to a really high standard too, keep it up Luke!

HT Golden Book Nominees

This weeks nominees were Mia and Dakota for continued effort and enthusiasm for their home learning!

Spelling Award

The spelling award goes to Lucy this week for working through the activities on Spelling Shed in her own time!

TT Rockstars Award

This times tables award goes to Leo this week for his motivation to practice and improve on his maths which was apparent when he achieved full marks on his L.B.Q task too!

Doves - Weekly Awards

Date: 29th Jan 2021 @ 9:42am

Weekly Awards

⭐️Star of the Week⭐️


My star of the week this week is for Kate! Despite learning from home, Kate has continued to be a role model with her positive attitudes to her learning. She engages with all home learning, morning tasks, afternoon, and extra curricular, submitting exceptional outcomes to all. She has shown a consistent positive attitude to her learn and a drive to continue developing. 


Spelling Award

The spelling award goes to Clayton this week. Clayton has completed 61 spellings games this week! 


TT Rockstars Award 

This week the winner is Abigail. Abigail has spent 2m and 49s on average every day practising her times tables. 


Reading Solutions

Well done to the following children, who have this week moved up a level on their Reading Plus- Heidi, Jasmine, Aoife and Henry!


Reading Challenge 

Well done to Lucy who has won the reading challenge this week for reading 5 times. 

Woodpeckers Superstar Awards

Date: 28th Jan 2021 @ 10:49pm

This week's Star of the Week is Felix. Felix has been chosen because of his impressive effort when completing his home learning over the past few weeks. Felix has completed every task set and attended every live lesson. The work completed has been to a very high standard, showing that Felix has kept up with high expectations of himself and the work he produces. A wonderful attitude to have Felix, well done! 

Our TTRS winner has blown us away with the amount of hard work and effort shown this week to learn her tables. She has been on TTRS everyday and really challenged herself to practise and improve her scores. 

Our EdShed winner is Max. Amazing effort from Max on not only Spelling Shed but also Maths Shed and Quiz Shed too. Everyday he has logged on and worked hard on the challenges set. 

Our reading winner this week has read everyday, using Reading Plus to practise her reading skills and to enjoy lots of different texts. Super reading! 

A huge well done to all our winners this week. 

Eagles - Geography

Date: 28th Jan 2021 @ 4:57pm

In Geography this week, Eagles Class have been creating their own River Systems and tracing a river's journey from source to sea. Here are some of the excellent examples the children created:


Nursery - Rainbow Challenges

Date: 28th Jan 2021 @ 4:25pm

We have been very busy this week with our work on the topic Water Transport. We have been looking at submarines and what we can see from them.

Some of our activities this week have included, making a playdoh octopus, using our scissor skills to make an octopus from a toilet roll, building a submarine with megablocks and mixing shades of blue to make an ocean painting. We have had so much fun this week!


Computing 28.1.21 woodpeckers

Date: 28th Jan 2021 @ 3:18pm

The Woodpeckers have been using microbits and coding to make software light up. They made smiley faces and used the buttons A and B to change the smile into a frown. 

Penguins- Computing

Date: 28th Jan 2021 @ 3:00pm

We have been having lots of fun exploring the computers this week. We have drawn pictures of boats and also started to look at simple algorithms to move the bee around the flowers. This has shown that we need to practise our mouse skills as we really struggled to hold the mouse and click, so we are going to work on this. 

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