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Cerificate Winner

Date: 10th Mar 2020 @ 12:23pm

Well done to our Funda Superstar! For excellent effort with the inflatable challenge.

Enrichment Afternoon

Date: 10th Mar 2020 @ 10:10am

We have had a wonderful afternoon with a 100% attendance from Puffin Parents. The children loved having you in. Hope everyone has a great half term!

Enrichment Fun!

Date: 10th Mar 2020 @ 10:08am

We’ve had an amazing morning on the inflatables!

Puffins become authors

Date: 10th Mar 2020 @ 10:07am

Penguins have worked hard to create new books for their friends in Nursery. They have spent the week planning it, making it and then read their creations to the Nursery children. What a lovely way to end the week!

Running Games

Date: 10th Mar 2020 @ 10:04am

Puffins had a great PE lesson this week. We applied the effective running style we have been learning about in a game situation. First we played ‘Domes and Dishes’. We worked in two groups to turn the cones into ‘domes’ or ‘dishes’, the team with the most won. We then played ‘Rob the nest’. We worked in 4 teams and had to collect as many things as we could from the nest in the middle. Some brilliant team work, well done!

Victorian Time Machine

Date: 10th Mar 2020 @ 10:03am

This is afternoon we went into a time machine to another classroom from the past. We became Victorian children and we did some lessons using chalk and a pretend slate. One of our children even tried on a dunce hat too! We then made comparisons between the past and present classrooms.

Home Acheivements

Date: 10th Mar 2020 @ 10:01am

Well done one to our home superstars!

Ordinal Numbers

Date: 10th Mar 2020 @ 10:00am

We have been learning about ordinal numbers and applied this in various races. We did a boat race, running race and Paw Patrol vehicle race. We are applying this new learning in word problems tomorrow. How many ordinal numbers can you remember? 1st, 2nd…

Using and = signs to compare quantities…

Date: 10th Mar 2020 @ 9:56am

Lifecycyle of a frog

Date: 10th Mar 2020 @ 9:54am

We have acted out the lifecycle of a frog and then created it using playdough and labelled it by writing on the tables!

Counting One More

Date: 10th Mar 2020 @ 9:54am

This week we have been using our counting skills to find one more than a number. Miss Southern set us a challenge to find all the dominoes that showed one more. We almost blew her socks off!

The Tiger Who Came to Tea

Date: 10th Mar 2020 @ 9:53am

This week we have been reading ‘The Tiger Who Came to Tea’ by Judith Kerr. We thought it was very funny when the tiger couldn’t stop eating and ate everything in Sophie’s house! We wrote a shopping list for Sophie’s mum, drew some pictures to answer questions about the text, sequenced the story and we hot seated the tiger. A very busy morning in Puffins!

Puffins had a visitor

Date: 10th Mar 2020 @ 9:49am

This morning we loved being able to ask Mrs Forshaw questions about Lizzy our very own school reptile. We have been learning all about animals in Science and enjoyed having the opportunity to ask questions and touch and hold her. We used information books to find out even more facts.

Representing Projects

Date: 10th Mar 2020 @ 9:48am

We played a whole class game today. Mrs Lenagan held up some objects and if we had a card that represented the number we had to come to the front. We also had to move to music and find all our friend that had the same number of objects they were representing. We blew our Teacher’s socks off! How many ways can you think to represent and amount of objects?

Sharing English work

Date: 10th Mar 2020 @ 9:47am

We joined Dove Class today to share our letters back to the Crayons from our story. We listened to some children perform their letter too. The Puffin Class were captivated!

The day the crayons quit!

Date: 10th Mar 2020 @ 9:46am

This morning we listened to the Dove Class read us The Day the Crayons Quit which is our whole school book focus and we helped by holding up the crayon characters. Once the children went back to their class we got into our groups and produced freeze frames for the different characters and acted them out on the outdoor stage. Can you guess who we were?

First day!

Date: 10th Mar 2020 @ 9:43am

We have had an amazing first day back. We’ve been completing challenges, working as a team and earning lots of house points! What was your favourite part of the day?

Welcome to our blog!

Date: 10th Mar 2020 @ 9:40am

Our new blog will be updated regularly with information about school events, examples of children’s learning and also additional work and support for children at home.
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