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Robins New Class Blog 10.07.20

Date: 9th Jul 2020 @ 9:54pm

Hello my lovely Robins,

Hopping Robin Animation by Red-Clover on DeviantArt

I can't believe we are coming to the end of our first week completing transition activities together. I have had so much fun getting to know you all. I have also completed all of our zoom transition meetings with Mrs Penman and Mrs Anderton and it was a pleasure to see all of your wonderful, smiling faces. I am incredibly excited to meet you all in September!

Figure me out celebrations

I was so impressed with all of your "Figure me out" fact files. Here are some of your super facts:

Well done to Poppy, Harriet and Phoenix!

Another celebration

After reading on the Puffins blog this morning that this future Robin had completed his monster phonics books so beautifully, I just had to mention him on our blog! Well done little superstar, you are certainly ready to move into Robins class.

Weekly task

Another quick reminder of your weekly task "What I did on Lockdown!". I am really excited to see your creative projects on what you did on lockdown on display in our classroom. Make sure you post your amazing projects on your blogs so I can put them up on our lovely display, ready for September.

Daily transition task

Today, I would like to see you get creative in the kitchen. You can choose whatever, recipe, dish, anything you would like to make in the kitchen. Here are some pictures of me and my daughter making a healthy smoothie snack a few weeks ago. 

I am looking forward to seeing your exciting culinary masterpieces!

Health and Fitness Week

I have been so impressed with all of your exercising on your blogs. I hope you have enjoyed health and fitness week as much as I have! I think my favourite activity so far was the Bollywood dancing. What was yours? I'm looking forward to seeing your bingo cards at the end of the week. Has anybody managed to complete their card?

This weekend is supposed to be lovely and sunny so don't forget your sun cream and make sure you blog any exciting activities you get up to in the sunshine. I am hoping that me and my family can have a nice trip to the seaside so look out for my lovely pictures of our adventures.

Sun Sunshine Sticker by Marie Boiseau ในปี 2020 | กราฟิก

Have a lovely weekend!

Miss Dooley


Date: 9th Jul 2020 @ 8:41am

Good morning everyone!

I absolutely loved seeing your Yoga pictures yesterday. There were some amazing efforts across school and at home in the Washing Basket Challenge - it is safe to say that I did not win with my wonderful score of 4. Congratulations to Miss Southern who won the teachers competition - she scored 27!

Today's activities

1) Activity Bingo

Remember to try and tick off as many activities as you can! I've seen some great photos of your activities at home so far.

2) Mindfulness Day

Being healthy is not just about looking after your body, it's about looking after your mind. Although exercise is one of the best things you can do to keep a healthy mind, it is also important to be mindful and take time to think about the world around you - something which can be very difficult with the pace of modern life and the lure of technology/screens. 

Here are some activities which can help us to be mindful, maybe you could try one today.

Click here for more details on these activities.

Some other activities: 

1) Yoga is also an excellent activity for both your mind and your bodies. If you enjoyed it yesterday, try this:

2)Meditation is a nice way to relax and relieve anxiety after a busy day:

3) Colouring! Spend 15-20 minutes colouring simple patterns. This is a great way to focus your mind on a relaxing task.

4) Turn your phones off and go on a nice walk - what sounds can you hear?


Activity 2 - Horizontal Rock Climbing


Find as many pairs of clean shoes or socks and scatter them across your carpet like grips on a rock climbing wall.

Can you try to get across the carpet by only placing your hands and feet on the shoes/socks? 

You could challenge each in your house by making tricky routes for them to pass through.

For an extra challenge - try and keep your body as low to the floor as possible when moving. Can you try and make a course around your whole house? You could be creative with what you use for grips - phone cases, shin pads, books, coffee cup lids angel.

Try and make it as long/tricky as possible and send me what you have done!yes

Home Olympics Challenge - Day 4 - Star Jump Challenge

This challenge is simple as it only includes one movement, however it will test your stamina and quick footwork.

How many can you complete in one minute? Keep a record of your scores to complete tomorrow. 

I will try my attempt this morning and then post the teacher scores later on in the day - keep posted!


Good luck everyone and have a great day!


Mr Horsley




Have a great, active day everyone. Keep sending in your pictures and videos.


Mr Horsley

Robins New Class Blog 09.07.20

Date: 8th Jul 2020 @ 8:12pm

Hello Robins,

Spring bird GIF on GIFER - by Gavinin

It has been a pleasure to see all of your transition work so far and I can’t believe how talented you all are. The work on your blogs has blown my socks off. Have a look out of your window because you might see them flying past!

Sock GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY

I enjoyed reading all of your robins fact files yesterday and I learnt lots of new facts. Here are some amazing fact files I found on your blogs:

Also, a huge well done to this Robin who used amazing, independent cutting and slicing skills to make a healthy fruit salad during our health and fitness week. It looks delicious!

Daily task

Today’s daily task is to use numbers to "Figure me out"

Here is my example:

Here is a blank template that you can copy or print:

I can't wait to learn more about you!

Health and Fitness week

I have seen some fantastic exercising this week so far. I am very impressed with your commitment to keeping fit at home. I wonder if anybody will complete their bingo card this week. Keep it up Robins!

Have a lovely day smiley

Miss Dooley

Bubble 6 - Health and Fitness Week 8.7.20

Date: 8th Jul 2020 @ 2:21pm

Today we have had a special treat, somebody came into teach us Yoga, all socially distanced of course. We had a lovely calming time and I think we have some budding yoga people among us! Well done Bubble 6!



Date: 8th Jul 2020 @ 9:29am

Whats the highest score you can get?

I'm going to keep on trying until I improve! Rolled up socks and a washing basket will be perfect for this challenge!



Date: 8th Jul 2020 @ 8:42am

Good morning everyone!

What an amazing day again yesterday -  I cannot believe how many photos and videos were submitted yesterday. I'm so impressed with the effort and resilience I have seen displayed at home - it looks like we have some excellent jumpers in school and some excellent dancers in school...although if you ask my Bubble they might not have appreciated my Bollywood dance moves so much yesterday.sad

Today's activities

1) Activity Bingo

Remember to try and tick off as many activities as you can!

2) Let's get dancing!

There are two Yoga sessions for you to try today - one aimed at KS1 and one aimed at KS2. Why don't you try and research about Yoga first before you try it. Where was it created? What is it used for? Why is it good for you?smiley.Yoga always surprises me with how tiring it actually is! It is great for your body and mind.

KS1 - Yoga

KS2 - Yoga

Home Olympics - Event 3 - Washing Basket Throw Challenge

Today's event will test your throwing and your agility!

For this task:

1) Find a washing basket, box, bucket - any target you can find around the house

2) Find three rolled up pairs of socks.

3) Stand 9 steps back from the target.

4) Set a timer to one minute - when you start, throw the three bean bags and sprint to collect them. Then run back to your throwing point.

5) Repeat until the timer runs out - count how many pairs of socks you get in the target.

6) Keep a record of your best scores for Friday.smiley Challenge other people in your house to see what they can get.


<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>



Have a great, active day everyone. Keep sending in your pictures and videos.


Mr Horsley

Robins New Class Blog 08.07.20

Date: 7th Jul 2020 @ 10:02pm

Hello my lovely Robins,

GIF bird robin animation - animated GIF on GIFER

I hope you are having a lovely Wednesday.

I have been so impressed by your book reviews. You have given me lots of new books to try over the Summer holidays. Here are some super reviews that I spotted on your blogs yesterday:

Check out these bright and colourful bookmarks I saw too:

I have also spotted some excellent exercising on the Health and Fitness blog. What a fantastic bunch of exercisers you all are! I have really enjoyed watching you complete your daily Health and Fitness challenges so keep it up!

Robins facts

Next year, you will be in the Robins class so your task today is to find and present some facts about robins. Robins are my favourite type of bird and I love learning new things about them. I even found a cheeky robin when I went for a stroll around Haigh Hall last week. Here is everything I know about robins. Can you help me learn lots of new, interesting facts?

I used this website to write 5 facts about robins, perhaps it could help you out too: 

I can’t wait to read your facts.

Have a lovely day.

Miss Dooley

Bubble 6 - Health and Fitness week

Date: 7th Jul 2020 @ 2:24pm

As part of Health and Fitness Week the children have also been taking part in the same home sport challenges on imoves. We have so far done mountain biking and took part in some excellent Samba dancing this afternoon.

Yesterday, we took part in a different sports day to the ones that we are used to. We talked about the importance of teamwork and encouraging each other. The children were brilliant at encouraging the rest of their bubble and everyone managed to place 1st, 2nd or 3rd in at least one race! I am so proud of the children's sportsmanship.

I have also included a picture of the catipillers, they are quite sizable now apprently this means that they are almost ready to cacoon themselves, fingers crossed its not too long! 

Health and Fitness Week - Day 2

Date: 7th Jul 2020 @ 8:39am

Good morning everyone!

I was so blown away by your responses at home to yesterdays challenges. It seems like so many of you got involved and really enjoyed challenging yourself and others. I have attached some pictures that were sent in yesterday. 

Today's activities

1) Activity Bingo

Remember to try and tick off as many activities as you can!

2) Let's get dancing!

There are two dance sessions for you to try today - one aimed at KS1 and one aimed at KS2. Try them out and see if you can create your own dance routine using the moves you have learned. Don;t forget to post your responses like yesterday onto the new discussion feed I have madesmiley.

KS1 - Brazilian Samba Dancing -

KS2 - Bollywood Dancing - (KS1 could also try this if they wanted to!) -

Home Olympics - Event 2 - Standing Long Jump!

Afterthe extrememly tiring speed bounce yesterday, you will be glad to know that today's event is not quite as exhausting.

For the standing long jump you will need to:

1) Decide a starting point.

2) Stand with two feet together.

3) Bend your knees and swing your arms back.

4) As you jump forward, swing your arms forward.

5) Measure from the back of your foot. (in metres or centimtres if possible).

6) Keep a record of your best scores for Friday.smiley Challenge other people in your house to see what they can get.

Click the link to see my attempt in the wonderful weather. I am going to keep trying and aim for 2m.

Some updated scores!

Mr Dean - 1.90m

Mrs Jackson - 1.63m

Mrs Forshaw - 1.28m

Mr Horsley - 2.23m (Mr Dean and his class witnessed and measured!)

Miss Fairhurst - 1.54m

Mr Simpson - ????? Surely his added height would be an advantage?

Mr Walmsley - 2.00m

Miss Altham - 1.63m

Have a great, active day everyone. Keep sending in your pictures and videos.


Mr Horsley

Robins New Class Blog 07.07.20

Date: 6th Jul 2020 @ 8:54pm

Hello Robins!

Dancing Robin – IzzyBlog™

Happy Tuesday!

I absolutely loved looking at your blogs yesterday. I have learnt lots of wonderful facts about you all. Look at these fantastic information posters from Phoenix, Harriet and Poppy!

How are you getting on with your Health and Fitness tasks? I have already seen some super exercisers and I can’t wait to see more. I tried jumping over a cereal box yesterday but nobody told me I needed to empty it first! Whoops! It will have to be squashed cornflakes for breakfast for the next few days for me.

Book Review

Today, I think it would be lovely if you could find a story to read and write a review about it. A review is when you talk about what you think of a story. There are lots of stories on YouTube too if you can’t find any at home. Here is one of my favourite stories. (Michael Rosen)

What do you think of my review?

Here is a blank review page that you could print or copy at home.

We have even more super stories to read next year and I can’t wait to share some of my favourites with you.


If you have time after all of your exercising, you could design a bookmark that you could use when reading your books next year. Here is my mindfulness bookmark:

Here are some blank ones that you could print or copy at home.

Happy reading Robins! smiley

Miss Dooley

Robins New Class Blog 06.07.20

Date: 5th Jul 2020 @ 9:33pm

Hello Robins!

Robin by VolatileFortune on DeviantArt

My name is Miss Dooley and I am going to be your teacher next year. I am really excited about being able to blog to you for the next two weeks! I have some amazing activities for us all to do together to get to know each other. Your old teachers have told me lots of amazing things about you so I am really looking forward to meeting you all this week for our Zoom transition calls too.

It would be lovely if you blogged your transition activities and showed me all of the extra exciting things you get up to over the next few weeks too. A quick note though, remember how we keep safe online by not posting any of our private details.

Activity 1 - All about you!

Today, to get to know you a little bit more, I would like you to show me some interesting facts all about you on your blogs. Here are some facts all about me:

Some extra things you should know about me too:

I have been a teacher at The Gates Primary School for 6 years. I have just had a little baby called Carley so I have had a lovely year at home looking after her and my other daughter Casey who is six years old. I have a cheeky cat called Buzz who gets up to all sorts of mischief and my partner Simon has a very special job; He is a paramedic!

Here are some other ways you could present your facts. I can’t wait to learn all about you!

Activity 2 - What I did on Lockdown.

I also have a special project for you! You have the whole week to complete this so you have lots of time to be incredibly creative. I would love to see your projects for “What I did on Lockdown!”

This can be presented however you like. Some ideas could be a poster, a leaflet, a story, drawings or even uploading some of your favourite photos from the last three months. I am looking forward to reposting your lockdown fun at the end of the week on our blog and I will also use them to create a special display in our classroom for our return in September.

Here is “What I did on Lockdown!”


Activity 3 - Health and Fitness Week

This week is also a special week at The Gates. It is our Health and Fitness week so don’t forget to read Mr Horsley’s blog for ideas to keep fit at home this week. I have to admit that I have eaten far too many chocolate biscuits whilst I have been at home so I will certainly take part in Mr Horsley’s home learning activities this week. I will keep you updated with how I get on.

Winnie The Pooh Exercise GIF by Disney - Find & Share on GIPHY

Have a lovely Monday Robins.

Miss Dooley

Robins Home Learning 3.7.20

Date: 2nd Jul 2020 @ 9:40pm

Good Morning Robins,

Today's post is a little bit different, it is the last day you are a member of Robins Class! As from Monday, you will be looking at the blogs for your new class and completing the transition activities with your new teacher.

Today is a sad day, when the school closed 14 weeks ago I was hoping that I would see you all again before Summer came. However, you are all safe and well and this is the most important thing. This is not the way I wanted to say goodbye, but what I really want to say is I am so proud of how you have handled this situation, your strength, determination, perseverance and positive attitude has really shown throughout this time and I am so proud to have had the opportunity to teach each and every one of you. It has been a strange time but I cannot tell you how happy it has made me to catch up with you and your families to see how you are getting on. Thank you for giving me a fantastic year, the hugs, high fives, pictures, cards and most importantly laughs.

I have been looking at the superheroes you completed on your transition day with me last year, I can't believe how much some of you have matured and grown since last July! I know that although you may be feeling a little bit nervous about your transition, I hope that you can find some excitement. I have no doubt that after your transition meeting, you will be looking forward to the year ahead. I can guarantee your new teachers are fantastic after having the pleasure of working with them. Have fun over the next couple of weeks!

Although I will not be there in September I will still be keeping in touch with the staff who will let me know how you are getting on, and I have no doubt that if you work as hard as you have this year you will succeed. 

Below is a few photographs I have taken of us over the year, it was so hard to choose them but I'd say these ones are firm favourites.

So your home learning today is a little different, I would like you to recap the memories over the year and tell me a little about your favourite one. This could be done in any way you wish, through writing, drawing, poetry, art or anything else you can think of. I must admit I'm struggling to pick just one, The Gruffalo's Child, The man on the moon writing, writing mnemonics to help us remember the planets, wrap making and pretty much every single daily mile! Feel free to update the blog today and share your memories, you're all still superheroes to me.

Thank you for a wonderful year Robins! 

Have a fantastic Summer and most importantly stay safe!

Miss Woodward




Robins Home Learning Celebration 3.7.20

Date: 2nd Jul 2020 @ 3:34pm

Some more fantastic home learning I love all the silly sentences coming in. Chloe, Harris and Ethan have done some fantastic writing.

Hope has also been a super busy bee!

Some more super scorers this week in spelling as well! Well done to Ethan, Caitlin and Chloe!

Thank you for the blog posts that you have put up today I have been walking around with a big smile on my face.

Harris came up with a fantastic memory from his time in Robins Class, I love it! I also got some wonderful post from you today Harris, thank you so much.

I love this one, thank you for sharing :) Space was one of my favourite topics and The Nativity is one of my special messages.

Hope created a wonderful picture and drew our class

I have also attached some very sunny pictures from lots of you on Purple Mash and a snapshot from one of you recreating your favourite memory in Robins Class with a dance to 'The Man on the Moon'! It's a lovely dance, I think whenever I hear that music I will think of Robins.

Robins Home Learning 02.07.20

Date: 1st Jul 2020 @ 7:40pm

Good morning Robins Class!

I hope you all had a fun Wednesday!

Today's home learning is:

English - to continue to retrieve information from The Firework Maker's Daughter.

Maths - To rotate shapes 

There are no IXL tasks linked to this, however you can practise some work on 2D and 3D shapes if you wish.

IXL - English - Literacy Skills - X3, X4


Today's phonics lesson can be found by clicking on the image below:


Have a wonderful day Robins Class!

Robins Home Learning 01.07.20

Date: 30th Jun 2020 @ 8:39pm

Good morning Robins Class. Can you believe it's already July?!


Today's home learning is:

English - to continue to retrieve information from Chapter 3 of The Firework Maker's Daughter. 


Maths - To know the language of rotation:

There are no IXL tasks linked to this, however you can practise some work on 2D and 3D shapes if you wish.

IXL - English - Literacy Skills - X1, X2



Today's phonics video can be found by clicking on the image below:


Have a wonderful day Robins Class!


Robins Bubble 6 - 30.6.20

Date: 30th Jun 2020 @ 2:40pm

This morning we had a very special delivery. Some catipillers have come to stay in the classroom as they make their transition into a butterflies. In celebration of this we have used the art style of pointillism to create some colourful butterflies. I am so impressed with the result! 


Robins Home Learning 30.06.20

Date: 29th Jun 2020 @ 7:08pm

Good morning Robins Class!


Today's home learning is:

English - to retrieve information from Chapter 3 of The Firework Maker's Daughter.

Maths - To give directions:

There is a worksheet at the end of the lesson, but if you want to practise more, you can look on IXL:

Maths - Year 2 - Spatial Sense - P3, P4, P5

English - Year 2 - Contractions - T3, T4


Today's phonics video can be found by clicking on the image below:


This week's afternoon learning is:

Have a wonderful Tuesday Robins Class!

Robins Celebration of home learning 29.6.20

Date: 29th Jun 2020 @ 12:25pm

Some more excellent learning from Robins Class last week. I am impressed with what some of you are achieveing.

Super evil pea description from Chloe.

A fantastic super hero mask!

I am loving your Summer pictures completed on Purple Mash, hopefully the sun will be shining again soon!


Robins Home Learning 29.06.20

Date: 28th Jun 2020 @ 5:45pm

Good morning Robins Class and happy Monday! 



I've been super impressed with how hard you've been working on IXL - you've answered over 11,000 questions!


Today's home learning is:

English - To look at chapter three of The Firework Maker's Daughter and make inferences. 

Maths is to describe the position of an object:


For today's writing, I would like you to write silly sentences! First, you need to write 5 nouns on separate pieces of paper, then 5 adjectives and 5 verbs. Fold them up so you can't see them and then pick one from each pile and turn them into sentences:

Here is my example:

Noun - banana

Adjective - beautiful

Verb - danced

The beautiful banana danced to the music on the radio.


Either take photographs of your writing and show them on your blog, or type you sentences into a blog post. I'm looking forward to reading your silly sentences!


Today's phonics can be found by clicking on the image below:


Check the discussion for this week's spellings.


This week's afternoon learning is:

Have a happy Monday Robins Class!


Robins Home Learning 26.06.20

Date: 25th Jun 2020 @ 8:43pm

Good morning Robins Class and happy Friday!


Today's home learning is:

English is continuing with The Firework Maker's Daughter and to retrieve information.

Maths is comparing and sorting shapes.

There is a worksheet at the end of the lesson but you can also practise on IXL if you want!

IXL – Maths – Year 2 – Three-dimensional shapes – O6

IXL – Grammar – Year 2 – Pronouns – N1, N2

Don't forget  to ask an adult to test you on this week's spellings and write a comment on the discussion with your score.


Have a wonderful weekend Robins Class! 


Robins Star of the Week!

Date: 25th Jun 2020 @ 8:32pm

Star of the week time, this week I have chosen...

I have been so impressed with Ruby's attitude since coming into school, she comes in every morning with a big smile on her face, that stays on all day. Your attitude towards your school work is fantastic, and you always aim to complete your work to the best of your ability. You are a lovely friend to those around and aim to be as helpful as you possibly can be! Well done Ruby, keep up the good work!

Robins Home Learning 25.06.20

Date: 24th Jun 2020 @ 10:03pm

Good morning Robins Class!

Today's home learning is:

English - making inferences in The Firework Maker's Daughter': Click on the image below to be taken to the page:

Maths - to identify 2D shape faces on 3D shapes. Click on the image below to be taken to the page:

There is a worksheet at the end of the lesson but you can also practise on IXL if you want!

IXL – Maths – Year 2 – Three-dimensional shapes – O8

IXL – Grammar – Year 2 – Long and short vowels – G7

Today's phonics can be found by clicking on the image below:

Have a wonderful Thursday everyone!


Robins Class - Home Learning 24.6.20

Date: 24th Jun 2020 @ 3:48pm

What another busy week the children have had at home, I am so impressed. 

We've had some super superhero mask submitted, I love them and am actually quite jealous. I will try and make one myself tomorrow after being inspired by these ones!

Chloe has been a busy bee again completing her work on Oak Academy!

Hope has also been really busy, here is her character description of the 'Evil Pea' from the sotry 'Supertato' and she also came first in the maths quiz on purple mash. What a super achievement!

And now the sun has decided to make an apperance again (yey! yes) it is time to get those Summer clothes out again! Just look at some of the great designs some of Robin Class have done!


Bubble 6 School Learning

Date: 24th Jun 2020 @ 3:36pm

Another busy week in Bubble 6, continuing from our experiment last week we decided to test which material was the most waterproof, using paper, card, tissue paper, ribbon, felt and cellophane. Some materials were much better than others, tissue paper got wet very quickly. We decided the clear winner was ribbon after a lot of testing.

As part of our PE session we have been looking at using directional language, the children had to have a socially distanced game of blind mans buff guiding each other to different spots. They did fantastic. 

Along with all this we did a lesson on how important it was to listen to instructions, the children listened to my instructions once and had to follow them drawing different things on their sheet. After we talked about how important it is to listen to instructions the children completed a second sheet much more successfully, well done Bubble 6.

Robins Home Learning 24.06.20

Date: 23rd Jun 2020 @ 9:08pm

Good morning Robins Class, I hope you had a great Tuesday!

Today’s home learning is:

English – finding the meaning of words in Chapter 2 of The Firework Maker’s Daughter. Click on the image below to be taken to the learning page:


Maths – describing 3D shapes. Click on the image below to be taken to the learning page:

There is a worksheet at the end of the lesson but you can also practise on IXL if you want!

IXL – Maths – Year 2 – Three-dimensional shapes – O1, O2

IXL – Grammar – Year 2 – Long and short vowels – G5, G6

Today’s phonics lesson can be found by clicking on the image below:


Have a wonderful Wednesday Robins Class!


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