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Swallows New Class Blog - 10th July

Date: 9th Jul 2020 @ 10:34pm

Good Morning Swallows!!!

I hope that you have all enjoyed your first week following your new class blog. You have worked extremely hard and me and Mrs Boneham are very impressed indeed. We have a feeling there may be difficult choice ahead for Star of The Week in September! Here are some more star work shares:



These are just a handful of pieces; we have been spoilt for choice. Keep sharing your wonderful work Swallows!

Today's task:

Today we would like you to complete a book review about your favourite book from yesterday. Use a piece of A4 paper. Draw a picture and write the title of your book in the centre. Then, around the outside, use bubbles, sections or clouds to tell us about the characters, setting, the main events and why you like it. When you have finished, colour it in… Don’t forget to blog it when you have finished!


Have a wonderful weekend all of you and keep shining brightly!

Mr P 🌈🌈🌈


Date: 9th Jul 2020 @ 8:41am

Good morning everyone!

I absolutely loved seeing your Yoga pictures yesterday. There were some amazing efforts across school and at home in the Washing Basket Challenge - it is safe to say that I did not win with my wonderful score of 4. Congratulations to Miss Southern who won the teachers competition - she scored 27!

Today's activities

1) Activity Bingo

Remember to try and tick off as many activities as you can! I've seen some great photos of your activities at home so far.

2) Mindfulness Day

Being healthy is not just about looking after your body, it's about looking after your mind. Although exercise is one of the best things you can do to keep a healthy mind, it is also important to be mindful and take time to think about the world around you - something which can be very difficult with the pace of modern life and the lure of technology/screens. 

Here are some activities which can help us to be mindful, maybe you could try one today.

Click here for more details on these activities.

Some other activities: 

1) Yoga is also an excellent activity for both your mind and your bodies. If you enjoyed it yesterday, try this:

2)Meditation is a nice way to relax and relieve anxiety after a busy day:

3) Colouring! Spend 15-20 minutes colouring simple patterns. This is a great way to focus your mind on a relaxing task.

4) Turn your phones off and go on a nice walk - what sounds can you hear?


Activity 2 - Horizontal Rock Climbing


Find as many pairs of clean shoes or socks and scatter them across your carpet like grips on a rock climbing wall.

Can you try to get across the carpet by only placing your hands and feet on the shoes/socks? 

You could challenge each in your house by making tricky routes for them to pass through.

For an extra challenge - try and keep your body as low to the floor as possible when moving. Can you try and make a course around your whole house? You could be creative with what you use for grips - phone cases, shin pads, books, coffee cup lids angel.

Try and make it as long/tricky as possible and send me what you have done!yes

Home Olympics Challenge - Day 4 - Star Jump Challenge

This challenge is simple as it only includes one movement, however it will test your stamina and quick footwork.

How many can you complete in one minute? Keep a record of your scores to complete tomorrow. 

I will try my attempt this morning and then post the teacher scores later on in the day - keep posted!


Good luck everyone and have a great day!


Mr Horsley




Have a great, active day everyone. Keep sending in your pictures and videos.


Mr Horsley

Swallows New Class Blog - 9th July

Date: 9th Jul 2020 @ 6:43am

Good Morning Swallows!!!

disneyfrozenolaf hashtag on Twitter

Happy Thursday to all you wonderful shiny people!

You have all completed nearly a week of learning on our new class blog! I have to say some of it is coming along really tickety-boo! Thanks so much for your wonderful efforts, they really mean a lot, especially when it is pouring with rain outside! You have really brightened the days!! Take a look at some of these, I learned a lot!

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