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Weekly Winners!

Date: 5th Feb 2021 @ 10:11am

Weekly Awards

⭐️Star of the Week⭐️

A huge congratulations to our Star Of The Week in Swallows this week. She has put in a superb effort to produce some fantastic home learning (even baking some delicious-looking jam tarts for mental health week), keep it up Lucy!

HT Golden Book Nominees

This weeks nominees were Stephanie for her outstanding outcomes in her learning at home and Oliver for his continued resilience with his learning in school.

A huge congratulations to Stephanie for achieving the Head Teachers award too!

Spelling Award

The spelling award goes to Amelia this week for working through the activities on Spelling Shed in her own time!

TT Rockstars Award

This times tables award goes to Imogen this week for her motivation to practice and improve on her maths.

Weekly Winners!

Date: 29th Jan 2021 @ 10:20am

Weekly Awards

⭐️Star of the Week⭐️

A huge congratulations to our Star Of The Week in Swallows this week. He has put in a super effort in uploading and completing all of his home learning this week and to a really high standard too, keep it up Luke!

HT Golden Book Nominees

This weeks nominees were Mia and Dakota for continued effort and enthusiasm for their home learning!

Spelling Award

The spelling award goes to Lucy this week for working through the activities on Spelling Shed in her own time!

TT Rockstars Award

This times tables award goes to Leo this week for his motivation to practice and improve on his maths which was apparent when he achieved full marks on his L.B.Q task too!

Swallows - Awards of the Week

Date: 22nd Jan 2021 @ 4:00pm

Weekly Awards

⭐️Star of the Week⭐️

A huge congratulations to our Star in Swallows this week. He has worked his socks clean off this week with his home leanring and this is having a huge effect on his confidence and presentation. Well done with some tricky understanding, especially with money in Maths, where he has gone above and beyond by practicing with real coinage! Keep this up young man, we are really proud!

HT Golden Book Nominees

This weeks nominees were Lucy - For some outstanding effort with home learning, including baking her own World War 2 recipe with Mum!

Tristan - For some outstanding home leanring, particularyly when presenting thhis work. Taking great pride in what he does at all times!

Spelling Award

The spelling award goes to Rosie this week. Some super efofrt with some tricky homophones! 

TT Rockstars Award 

This week the winner is Callum for an excellent effort to practice and improve his knowledge of 3,4,8's X tables.  

Swallows - Home Learning Celebration

Date: 20th Jan 2021 @ 9:24pm

Super Home Learning!

This weeks home learning has been taken to the next level by the children of Swallows class! We have undertaken some tricky learning with shapes and money, continued our topic of World War 2 by reading about the London 'Blitz' and researched significant leaders of the conflict. There have been some outstanding examples of learning, especially including presentation and handwriting! 

Keep up the superb effort at home Swallows, it is so good to see such effort and we are all missing you in school! 

Swallows - Awards

Date: 17th Jan 2021 @ 9:11pm

A huge congratulations to our first awards winners of 2021! We have been blown over by the level of commitment and dedication to your learning this week Swallows, it has been a very hard decision to choose a winner.

This week's Star of the Week went to someone who has shown outstanding maturity this year, someone who has presented her work with great care and attention and a girl who is never afraid to look beyond what she can do. She has tried extremely hard this week to engage with all learning, embedding new vocabulary in her writing and undertaking some tricky short division tasks with determination. Well done Rosie! 

Swallows - Our Week In School

Date: 17th Jan 2021 @ 9:03pm

This week has been an amazing effort from all Swallows superstars! It has been incredible to see just how much learning has taken place at home and there have been some excellent attempts to keep that same focus, just as when in class! The children in school have missed their friends but have managed to send a warm greeting by Seesaw, to the theme of We'll Meet Again' by Dame Vera Lynn!


A huge thanks must go to all the parents who have supported so well this week with home learning. Both me and Mrs Boneham have had some wonderful chats with enthusiastic and supportive families, we will get through it! 


Take care of each other Swallows, we will be back before we know it! :)

Swallows - Our Week

Date: 11th Dec 2020 @ 4:39pm

This week in Swallows 

This week in Swallows a has been a superb experience, even if the children have been mostly completing some of their Autumn Term assessments! The afternoons have allowed us to thrive in subjects such as Computing, RE and Science. The children have produced some excellent descriptive writing of a rainforest setting, completed some tricky problems using 'bus stop' method short division in Maths and even had a measure up for arm-span in Sceince! Keep up this effort Swallows, it has not gone unnoticed how hard you are working as a team! 

Swallows - Santa Dash

Date: 11th Dec 2020 @ 4:32pm

Santa Dash 

Well done Swallows today for a superb effort with your 'Santa Dash' around the running track. You managed to complete 326 laps as a team, something you should all be really proud of! We saw some outstanding resilience and team-work, helping each other along! 

Swallows - Awards of the week

Date: 11th Dec 2020 @ 4:29pm

Reading Challenge, Spellings and Times Tables award winners


Well done to our class award winners this week, you have all done a super job of improving your learning. It is a real pleasure to have you in class, putting 100% effort into all of your learning, each and every day! Keep this up as your use of technology could show Mr Pryle a thing or two! Well done you three! 

Swallows- Star of the Week

Date: 11th Dec 2020 @ 4:25pm

Star of the Week


Well done to our star of the week winner for Swallow!. You have truly gone above and beyond this week to make a difference to your learning and it has been a pleasure to see your enthusuaiasm shine for others to see. You have worked well with your partner and it was moving to see how much you enjoyed our first enrichment experience together at Hall Lee Bank Park. Keep it up young man, we are very proud of you! 

Swallows - Snowballs Welcome

Date: 9th Dec 2020 @ 9:03pm

This mornings surprise was a small visitor to our classroom! He brought a letter and a lot of mischief to our classroom, not to mention a bit of excitement! I hope he behaves himself this week for us in Swallows, although I am looking forward to any surprises he may bring! 

Swallows - Hall Lee Bank Park Visit

Date: 7th Dec 2020 @ 9:41pm

Hall Lee Bank Park

Today was Swallows turn to visit Hall Lee Bank Park as part of their learning into rainforests and Geography. The children visited the park and walked from school, making thier first enrichment experience of the year. We discussed everything from the forest make-up and foundations, to the visual comparisons we could make with an actual rainforest, immersing ourselves in the 4 'layers or strata' that a rainforest is made from. The children learned about the forest floor, undergrowth, canopy and emergent layers as we will use this as a theme to create a setting description as part of our English topic writing. 


The he children also worked in pairs and with the 3 teachers to learn some valuable map-reading and field working skills, finding points of interest and looking at the visual side of maps. We discussed compass directions and the children had the chance to undertake a mini 'orienteering' style map game within the forest. Well done Swallows, you pushed yourselves and your learning to the reach the park and return safely to school! 

Swallows - Reading Challenge Winner

Date: 6th Dec 2020 @ 4:17pm

Reading Challenge Winners

Well done to two winners this week of the reading challenge. One from last week as a result of being at home self isolating, and this weeks in class. Well done for a superb effort to read 5 times throughout the week, using Reading Solutions to your advantage! Keep it up Swallows, we had some excellent data from those who were 'Green!' 

Swallows - Awards of the week

Date: 6th Dec 2020 @ 4:14pm

Times Tables and Spelling Award winners

Well done to our two winners of the 'Times Tables and Spelling' achievements this week. You have shown some great determination to complete as much home learning as possible on both Times Tables Rock Stars and Spelling Shed. This is having a superb effect on your learning and is improving your scores as part of your assessment tests as a result! Keep it up, superb effort both of you! 

Swallows - Star of the Week

Date: 6th Dec 2020 @ 4:11pm

Swallows - Star of the Week

Well done to our superstar of the week! You have worked incredibly hard through a tricky period for our class, maintaining some excellent learning throughout! Your presentation has certainly brought a smile to mine and Mrs Bonehams faces, as we watched most of your pieces come through via Seesaw. You have shown some excellent maturity and we are so very proud of you. Well done! 

Swallows - Back To School

Date: 3rd Dec 2020 @ 9:02pm

Back To School 

Swallows class have made it! We have returned to class with a bang and the children are so happy to be back. We spent the morning completing some of the activities we started last week. We discussed everything from 'bus stop' for division to character descriptions and feelings through our writing. The children's home learning definitely supported this and they have been working hard to support their learning online. This said, they have come back into school with a superb attitude and these are some of the results today. Keep it up Swallows, superb learning! 


Swallows - Chompy the croc!

Date: 25th Nov 2020 @ 9:50pm

Today, we embarked on a voyage! Our first attempts to create a linkage and lever system became a joy to behold, as the first attempts turned out to be amazing! Swallows worked hard as team-mates to create a system using split pins and card strips, whereby a lever is pulled and 'Chompy's' jaws clamp shut! Well done all, some excellent design and technology creations! 

Swallows - Our Awards

Date: 20th Nov 2020 @ 4:50pm

Our Awards

Congratulations to our very worthy winneeds this week in Swallows. Many thanks for all your hard work and achievements, it is much appreciated with some very tricky grammar and punctuation tasks in English and continuing  onwards with your study of the column method in Maths. 


You have all pushed yourselves to learn and you are reaping the rewards!


Swallows - Digital Citizenship - PowerPoint Presentations!

Date: 16th Nov 2020 @ 8:41pm

Have a look at some of the fantastic Computing skills on display today from Swallows! We have been attempting to create our first 'slides' for our Rainforest- themed PowerPoint presentations, by using a short success criteria. Our task was to create an attractive design that would inform the viewer of exactly what our presentation was all about, in a short summary. 

Some of the skills on show such as 'copying' and 'pasting', cropping of pictures and formatting background and font colours were things I didn't learn until high school Swallows! Certainly an impressive feat from all involved today, keep it up! 

Swallows - Star of the Week

Date: 13th Nov 2020 @ 4:16pm

Star of the Week


Congratulations to our worthy winner of the coveted 'Golden Jumper' in Swallows this week. You have worked hard to challenge yourself in Maths and in your written tasks. Your pride in presentation is extremely apparent and you have worked well with your partner to solve tasks in foundation subjects. You are flourishing as part of our class!

Keep up the outstanding work! 

Swallows - Celebrations!

Date: 13th Nov 2020 @ 4:08pm

Celebratory Achievements

Congratulations to all our worthy winners this week, you have all worked hard to overcome some tricky challenges and push your learning to the limits!

Our winners included Spelling Award and Times Tables. Well done to you both, keep up the effort! 

Swallows - Digital Leader

Date: 13th Nov 2020 @ 4:04pm

Swallows Digital Leader! 

Congratluations to to our new 'Digital Leader', who has completed their first training session today as part of a new role in school. His role involves helping others in our class that find All things Computing tricky and sharing their knowledge regarding the subject. Well done for this and as the role grows, you will most certainly be a huge support to your peers as they navigate the world of Online Safety! 

Swallows - Remembrance Day

Date: 11th Nov 2020 @ 8:57pm

This week in Swallows, we have been sharing our thoughts and knowledge about Remembrance Day. Our reading tasks have been centred on the meaning and origins of this occasion and the reasons why we continue to celebrate those who gave their lives for us across the world. We were lucky enough to watch Starlings class assembly then at 11o'clock all the children took part in a minute's silence. It was a truly fitting way to show our thanks and all the children were extremely respectful. Many of the children entered our poppy competition and I know the judges found it extremely difficult to find a winner! Thanks to all at home for your support with the children's learning! 

The children have also had time to share their views through our Big Question time, which we will continue tomorrow and through this week. Well done Swallows, you have made us proud! 

Swallows - Our Awards

Date: 6th Nov 2020 @ 4:52pm

Well done to our superstar award winners this week. It has been an eventful week with some superb examples of learning and support though out Swallows. Thanks to all children for their great effort and some really inspiring moments, especially whilst meditating! 

The winners included: Always Child, Star of the week, Reading challenge, spelling test effort, times tables results, physical challenge effort. Well done all, have a fantastic weekend all! 

Swallows - Our Week

Date: 5th Nov 2020 @ 8:57pm

This week seems to have flown by with some superb learning in Swallows! There have been some excellent examples of team working and a really positive attitude to learning from the children, keep this up Swallows! Mr Pryle taught his first Music 'performance' for many months - a great effort all! It was also a great time to reflect on our learning from Autumn 1 through PSHE where we focussed our thoughts on 'what makes us special' whilst studying the film, 'Inside Out'. Thanks for all your hard-work children, keep it up! 

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