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Swallows - Celebration Post

Date: 17th Jun 2020 @ 8:09pm

Hi Swallows,

Just a quick post to let you all know how appreciated this last week has been, just to speak with some of your parents, look at the exciting things you have been getting up to apart form home-learning and to learn that so many new skills are being learned by you is incredible. Me and Mrs Roberts are missing your smiling faces so much at the moment, but your blog posts and pictures keep the days sunny and bright!


20 house points for the following Swallows, spreading their wings and flying through some tricky tasks that have meant a mix of learning this week!

Well done to Aiden, Lucas, Braxton, Jenson B and Jenson M, Aron, Harrison, Phoebe, Hibah, Tiana, Hayden, Hannah, Viyan, Dario and Lexcia!

Look at this superb working Swallows – it is great to see you put in so much effort! Keep this going, such a wonderful group!


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Keep up that wonderful hard work – you have amazed me the last few weeks with your determination. I WILL see you soon and we will ‘party like it is 1999!’

Mr P 🌈🌈🌈

Swallows 17th June 2020 - Home Learning

Date: 17th Jun 2020 @ 8:00am

Good Morning Swallows!!!

Today’s learning:

Today we are starting to use a website called The Oak Academy. This website is a government site and on it they have put lots of links and ideas to support you at home. We have decided not to use the activities everyday, but wanted to use some of them on some days instead of LBQ. LBQ will be set on a Monday and Tuesday for all learning and also on a Friday.

As explained yesterday, there will be a mix of video clips from year 3 and 4. Sometimes the video clip will not be your year group but it’s all been carefully planned in so don’t worry.

I will set up a discussion feed for you to share any work which you complete using the Oak Academy. You could take a picture or screen shot the page then upload it if you wish.

Here are our tasks:

Other tasks

Don’t forget the other tasks on the discussion blogs. You can also use ixl to support any learning on The Oak Academy if you would like to.

Have a great day!


Mr P J

Swallows 16th June 2020 - Home Learning

Date: 16th Jun 2020 @ 7:03am

Good Morning Swallows!!!

  A bird flying in the air

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Well done with getting off to a good start with your learning children. Lots of good work was completed on LBQ yesterday. I am really pleased.

Please read the following important information carefully about the next few weeks:

You may have noticed that there were quite a few tasks set yesterday on the discussion posts using The Oak Academy. We will be using this website on a Wednesday and Thursday from this week to set the learning tasks at home. You will still have LBQ tasks on a Monday and Tuesday and Friday. We hope that this will give you something new to try at home but still keep some of the consistency which we have built up using LBQ.

The tasks will be a mixture of Year 3 and Year 4 to allow us to continue to teach the teaching sequence which we have planned in order to cover the key learning for the next few weeks. Therefore, some video clips will show Year 3 at the start and some will say Year 4. Please don’t worry if this is not your Year group. All the learning set is suitable and appropriate.

Today’s learning: 

LBQ:  Use the code - ftv (all lower case)

There are 3 tasks. Please complete all 3. If you get stuck on a question, read the advice given then try again. Read the questions carefully – this will help you!

We are still working on fractions on LBQ and will be trying to recognise different fractions.

Here are some good links about fractions which may help you to remember some of the work we completed in class.


You will be set 2 reading tasks on LBQ. Please also complete 2 more reading tasks on Read Theory this week.


Don’t forget to check out the Topic, Writing and Spelling tasks on the discussion pages. The pupil verification code is 956789.

Have a great day children!

Mr P 🌈🌈🌈

IXL Usernames and Passwords

Date: 15th Jun 2020 @ 3:20pm

Good afternoon guys!

Thank you for your patience today with the IXL usernames, I have been attempting to renew these for you. 

Your new username is the same format with a different number - firstnamelastname491   (E.g. mrdean491)

Your password is the same - qwerty


If you have any problems please comment on this blog, I will check it everyday this week to help you out.

Have a great week, 

Mr Dean

Swallows 15th June 2020 - Home Learning

Date: 15th Jun 2020 @ 6:31am

Welcome Back Swallows!!!