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Starlings Day 5 - We miss you!, by Mr Dean

Date: 27th Mar 2020 @ 9:15am

Good morning!! smiley

On what would be the final day of the normal term, I'd probably be telling you how amazing you have worked since Christmas, and since entering Starlings so now seems like a good time to look back!

Whilst you have been off I have been looking through the writing on the working wall you have produced and it is amazing to see so many of you writing at a level now that is unrecogniseable to that piece you did for me last summer! 

This last week especially you have all been so resilient with your learning, you have without a doubt earned a short break! 

Only one person managed to get the answer right yesterday, the name of the 4th child was Bob!  

Innstead of a question today, I'd love to see what sort of adventures you will get up to in your homes or on your one walk a day, will you go camping in your garden? Make a den in your room? Maybe now is a great time to try and grow your own vegetables?

I know I am in the middle of sorting my garden out so I can start growing food, any suggestions on what I should try? I'll post any updates on what is growing if I get some good suggestions! (I already have peas and onions in)


Have a lovley day Starlings, please try and get in touch soon!

Stay safe, stay happy!


Mr. D


Starlings Home Learning - 27.3.20, by Mr Dean

Date: 27th Mar 2020 @ 8:44am

Today’s tasks will be as follows:

Reading Solutions Comprehensions x1

LBQ: hja       

This will only be live until 3.15 so do not leave it too late. At this time the link will close even if you are in the middle of your work!


Make sure to access the following link to support you in your home workouts, supporting your physical and mental health – 9am start (although you can rewatch it later if not)


Afternoon Work

Complete an activity from the topic homework web and upload this to your own blog on the website for us all to see! Thank you to those who have already done this!

For further learning opportunities, please also complete activities on:


IXL - 

Maths – Y9, Y10

English – Year 3 – Topic – Word Analysis:  V16, V17


Starlings Home Learning , by Mr Dean

Date: 26th Mar 2020 @ 2:51pm

Good Afternoon Starlings!


I have just been checking LBQ and I'm quite pleased - however there are still 8 of you who haven't done the work from today, and 4 who have not done anything all week...

We all appreciate this is a very strange time at the moment but as teachers we have made it clear that we would like you to help us to help you by taking part in the work we set. Tomorrow is the last chance to have complete work I set before Easter, lets try and finish this strange term on a high! I will be posting the new code again in the morning, please try and do the work early on, as the later you leave it the less likely you are to do it!

Remember, each day there is an LBQ code alongside TTRockstars, Read Theory and IXL. Keep pushing yourselevs guys, you are really clever, now is the time to show it to your parents! If you are still having problems please comment on the daily blogs to let me know and I will fix it asap, as some of you know already!

For those who have done some amazing work, thank you so much it has put a massive smile on my face! Keep your work coming in via the pupil blogs, we don't have many from Starlings at the moment and I would love to show thoe rest of the school what you have been getting up to!

Take care,

Mr. Dean

Day 4 in Paradise, by Mr Dean

Date: 26th Mar 2020 @ 9:46am

Good morning guys! 

Definetly fair to say I am mssing you all lots, it isn't the same without having to tell half of you to sit back down and put your hands up!! I hope you're all staying safe and getting up to lots of fun after you have done all your learning wink 

Over the 3 classes in LKS2 we have answered over 20,000 questions on IXL which is amaxing, however one young lady stands out for answering 1367 questions all by herself! Congratulations Eva, keep up the hard work! It was really pleasing to see many of you accept my challenge to try and catch her up, some of you got very close!

There is a positive to all that is going on, that being the might Bolotn Wanderers have now gone 30 days unbeaten! Well done to those of you who got them as being the last team to knock out Athletico Madrid! 

Image result for bwfc bbc sport

Hopefully you will all be getting your own pupil logins soon so you will be able to reply and ask questions to be with a bit more ease! 

If you do answer this question: Bob's mum has 4 children, North, East and West. What is the name of the 4th child?

Last point: Please can we all still be using TTRockstars, some people haven't been online since the 4th March, yes I can see how long you have been on and when that last was, well done Oliver L for the wealth you have achieved so far!

Take care Starlings, all the best,

Mr. D

Starlings Home Learning - 26.3.20, by Mr Dean

Date: 26th Mar 2020 @ 9:04am

Today’s tasks will be as follows:

LBQ: n75


Maths – Y1, Y2, Y3

English – Year 3 – Topic – Word Analysis:  V2, V4, V5


Please also complete activities on:

Read Theory - This is a fantastic resource for reading comps, please start using this more!

Times Tables Rockstars

Purple Mash


Thanks for all the hard work guys!

Starlings Lockdown Day 2, by Mr Dean

Date: 25th Mar 2020 @ 10:04am

Good morning guys! 

I hope you're all staying safe and trying to make the most of everything that's going on at the moment! A massive thank you for the great work ethic shown by the majority of you over the last few days, we even have 1 child who is extremely close to answering 1000 questions on IXL, can anyone beat them to it?! 

We had a few responses to yesterdays question, congratulations to HB for being the first to answer correctly! The answers was of course Spongebob Squarepants.

Todays question (No googling...) : Who were the last English team to knock out Athletico Madrid over 2 legs? - Sorry Liverpool fans wink


A final note, if you can, please try and join the trend of putting a rainbow in your window! I was sceptical about this craze but on my walk home from school yesterday I saw a few in windows and they genuinely did put a big smile on my face!

Stay safe, have fun, keep learning!!

Mr. Dean

Starlings Home Learning - 25.3.20, by Mr Dean

Date: 25th Mar 2020 @ 9:09am

Today’s tasks will be as follows:

LBQ: xdd


Maths – Y1, Y2, Y3

English – Year 4 – Topic – Punctuation:  J1, J2, J3


Please also complete activities on:

Read Theory

Times Tables Rockstars

Purple Mash


Please comment on here if you have any problems, I'll try my best to respond immediatley! I have worked out some of the problems that occured yesterday with the work appearing with 2 different dates and I apologise for this!

 Have a great day guys!

LBQ, by Mr Dean

Date: 24th Mar 2020 @ 9:51am

You're all going to be tired of me soon!

I've had some people asking about LBQ, the code will be live everyday until 3.15. If you are trying to access it after this the lesson will have ended therefore the code will be dead. If this is the case please attempt work on IXL instead. 

How to access LBQ:

Search LBQ on google

Click on the first link

In the top right corner (Log in)

Select the Connect button under the pupil

Enter the code and have fun!

Lockdown day 1, by Mr Dean

Date: 24th Mar 2020 @ 9:42am

Good morning guys!


Your learning for the day is up on the blog, I'll add some help on how to access LBQ from home (It is only accessabile until 3.15). 

As things stand we have enough biscuits to get us through these next few weeks so all is good! It was amazing to see so many of you log on to learn yesterday, especially with the hiccup with the code (Sorry!). 

The weather is gorgeous at the moment so I hope you are all being able to enjoy it safely in your own homes. Please keep me entertained with any stories about what you get up to during this extended break. 

I've enjoyed the chance to finally get organised and tidied, a miracle I know! You won't recognise the place when you come back (We can finally see the side children!)


I will be adding a trivia question to the end of my daily blog, the first correct reply will be added to the blog and you will have 10 house points when we return. 


First Question: Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?


Have a great day guys!


Mr. Dean

Starlings Home Learning - 24.3.20, by Mr Dean

Date: 23rd Mar 2020 @ 10:03am

Today’s tasks will be as follows:

LBQ: s99


Maths – J6, J7, K1

English – Year 4 – H1, H2, H3


Please also complete activities on:

Read Theory

Times Tables Rockstars

Purple Mash


Have a lovley day!

LKS2 Topic Webs , by Mrs Latham

Date: 23rd Mar 2020 @ 9:57am

Did you enjoy learning about WW2? Would you like some ideas to learn more about Habitats or Sound?

Here are the topic webs from the topics covered so far this year. You wish may to try some of the other activities that you didn't do the first time round.