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Woodpeckers Awards

Date: 5th Feb 2021 @ 2:20pm

We have had a super week once again in the Woodpecker class. 

Our Star of the Week this week is Layton. Layton has impressed us this week with his positive attitude, excellent effort and his hard work across all lessons. Well done Layton. 

Our photos show our TTRS and Edshed winners who have worked hard on these at home and practised lots over the week.

Eli is our reader of the week and has earned this week's book challenge draw for reading 5 times at home and submitting his reading record. 

We also have our reader of the week from last week in our photo gallery. Well done to both children and enjoy your books. 

Finally, we have our first pen pass awarded so far this year. Beautiful writing and a well earned pen! Well done. You have set the standard. 

Woodpeckers The Gates Games

Date: 3rd Feb 2021 @ 2:48pm

The Woodpeckers had a go at The Gates Games , we found out that we were really good at catching and our score improved with practise.  We also discovered that we need a lot more practise for the step 3 challenge !

Woodpeckers PSHE

Date: 2nd Feb 2021 @ 3:43pm

The Woodpeckers have been reading books by Olly Pike. They are about inclusion, diversity, equality and acceptance. We have designed an identity heart shield to show all of our positive traits and all the things we enjoy.

Woodpecker Biographies

Date: 1st Feb 2021 @ 5:18pm

The Woodpecker class have been super busy researching and writing biographies about a local WW2 soldier called Jim Sharrock. A local lady sent us some information about this local hero and together we unpicked the information and put it all together to write biographies about his life. 

What an inspirational man! 

Here are some of our biographies from the children both in school and at home. 

Woodpeckers Superstar Awards

Date: 28th Jan 2021 @ 10:49pm

This week's Star of the Week is Felix. Felix has been chosen because of his impressive effort when completing his home learning over the past few weeks. Felix has completed every task set and attended every live lesson. The work completed has been to a very high standard, showing that Felix has kept up with high expectations of himself and the work he produces. A wonderful attitude to have Felix, well done! 

Our TTRS winner has blown us away with the amount of hard work and effort shown this week to learn her tables. She has been on TTRS everyday and really challenged herself to practise and improve her scores. 

Our EdShed winner is Max. Amazing effort from Max on not only Spelling Shed but also Maths Shed and Quiz Shed too. Everyday he has logged on and worked hard on the challenges set. 

Our reading winner this week has read everyday, using Reading Plus to practise her reading skills and to enjoy lots of different texts. Super reading! 

A huge well done to all our winners this week. 

Computing 28.1.21 woodpeckers

Date: 28th Jan 2021 @ 3:18pm

The Woodpeckers have been using microbits and coding to make software light up. They made smiley faces and used the buttons A and B to change the smile into a frown. 

Headteacher award

Date: 22nd Jan 2021 @ 2:02pm

Well done to our Headteacher award winner.  You have been a superstar for trying new things and showing resilience when working! Congratulations..

Woodpeckers Superstar Awards

Date: 21st Jan 2021 @ 11:22pm

This week our Star of the Week certificate has been awarded to Isabelle. Isabelle has worked incredibly hard this past week. She has completed her home learning tasks to an excellent standard, presenting her work beautifully and she has shown great resilience when tasks become challenging. 

Well done Isabelle, this is well deserved. 

Our TTRS certificate this week has been awarded to Noah. He has spent an average of 30 minutes a day on TTRS, demonstrating excellent commitment to his learning. 

Our Spelling star is Bea. Bea has been on Spelling Shed daily and worked hard to practise her spellings using this website. 

Our reader of the week is Freya. Freya has read 5 times this week at home and completed her reading record. Super reading Freya. 

A huge well done to all of our winners! 

Woodpeckers. RE

Date: 20th Jan 2021 @ 3:11pm

The children have had a great afternoon , hot seating each other as Noah.  They wrote questions to ask him all about how he felt and how he made his ark.  They learnt about the Old and New Testament and the different chapters and verses in the bible. There are definite potential actors in the Woodpeckers! 

Woodpeckers computing

Date: 20th Jan 2021 @ 3:04pm

The Woodpecker class have started to use the microbits from the stem box.  They are learning all about coding. This week they have learnt how to make a flashing heart and a name tag.  Well done Woodpeckers.

Woodpeckers Big Question

Date: 19th Jan 2021 @ 8:39pm

Take a look at these 2 brilliant responses to our big question this week. It was based on Martin Luther King and how we could make the world a better place. We had some great responses from treating people equally, making takeaway food healthier, being kind to others and helping others less fortunate than ourselves. 

Woodpecker Writing

Date: 19th Jan 2021 @ 8:37pm

The Woodpecker class have worked really hard on their History topic about Wartime Westhoughton. So far they have created descriptive paragraphs about The Blitz using their writing targets and they have also created fact files about the world leaders involved in this huge event. 

We are looking forward to our next unit in Writing about biographies when we will be writing about a local solider from Westhoughton. The History group in Westhoughton and a local page called Howfen Memories have been really helpful in supplying Mrs Latham with some great local information for us to use. We can't wait to share our biographies with you! 

Great work Woodpeckers! 

Woodpecker Science - Dancing Raisins!!!

Date: 15th Jan 2021 @ 4:11pm

In science today the Woodpeckers made raisins 'dance' and investigated gases and their properties. They discovered that carbon dioxide weighs something this was something they didn't know at the beginning of the lesson!

Woodpecker Class Learning Superstars

Date: 14th Jan 2021 @ 2:19pm

This week the children in the Woodpecker class have been incredibly busy!! They have researched our new author and drawn pictures to go with Chapter 1 of our new novel. We definitely have some artists in the making! In Maths we have worked hard to master the column method for multiplication and master it we most certainly have. Martin Luther King Jnr has been our focus in our reading and we have explored a text about him to answer questions and to explore vocabulary. In writing we have been writing descriptive sentences about The Blitz and we have been very impressed with the sentences created, you used lots of exciting targets in your work. PSHE work has involved us creating some beautiful posters about rules to keep us safe. Finally, we made an amazing start on our History topic of Wartime Westhoughton by completing timelines to show when in History this event happened. Absolutely fantastic learning from all the children, both at home and in school. Here are some amazing examples of work from the children working at home. Well done to you children, home learning isn't easy and we are incredibly proud! 

Woodpeckers Reverse Advent

Date: 14th Dec 2020 @ 12:12pm

The Woodpeckers have taken part in our reverse advent in school. We have brought in food items from home alongside other items such as soap to pass onto those less fortunate than ourselves. We have shown generosity and kindness with our gifts. Thank you for all the support from home for this. 

Woodpeckers Hall Lee Bank Park

Date: 14th Dec 2020 @ 11:51am

As part of their topic about The Rainforest, the Woodpecker class visited Hall Lee Bank Park. We looked at the different layers of this habitat and discussed the forest floor, the canopy, the trees growing all around and the layers. We discussed the wildlife in the stream, growing on the bark of the trees and also hidden in the leaves on the ground. We searched for some flags left by Mr Pryle and found 2! It was a great visit and a lovely local treasure which we enjoyed exploring.  

Woodpecker class French lesson

Date: 11th Dec 2020 @ 2:52pm

The Woodpecker class have been learning all the about colours and numbers in French, well done Woodpeckers.Eli came to the front of class and was able to say numbers up to 10 independently , what a superstar !

Star of the week woodpeckers

Date: 11th Dec 2020 @ 2:45pm

Woodpecker class DT lesson making a simple mechanism

Date: 4th Dec 2020 @ 2:31pm

The children have designed and made a rainforest book using different kinds of mechanisms. The have included facts about their chosen animal. 


Woodpeckers Treat

Date: 4th Dec 2020 @ 1:48pm

The Woodpeckers have earned their first class treat of the year and decided to do some crafts and research based on our units about The Human Body and The Rainforest. 

Here are some of  our creations. We had great fun!

Woodpecker Superstars

Date: 4th Dec 2020 @ 1:43pm

Here are our superstars this week. 

Our star is smiling proudly and rightly so. He has achieved this award this week because he has worked his socks off all week, in a positive manner and shows excellent resilience. 

Our TTRS and Spelling Shed winners have earned these awards because they have worked incredibly hard and earned lots of points on these programmes at home. 

Our reading challenge winner has read well all week and has chosen this book as her award. 

Well done to all our winners!

Woodpeckers - Christmas is coming!

Date: 4th Dec 2020 @ 9:10am

Christmas is coming in the Woodpecker class this week and we are super excited! We have made some beautiful decorations for the tree and to decorate the corridor. We have also had some visits from Jingle the elf. He surprised us on Thursday with his zip wire across the classroom but unfortuately Mrs Latham and Mr Griffiths forgot he was there a couple of times and touched him!!! This is not allowed so perhaps this is why on Friday he wrapped up the Christmas tree and himself - that way he couldn't be disturbed! 

Woodpecker Superstars

Date: 27th Nov 2020 @ 12:08pm

After such a wonderful week in the Woodpecker class, we have our Friday superstars! 

Our star this week has been chosen because he works so hard all of the time, he has the most excellent behaviour and last but not least, his attitude to all aspects of school life is so positive and a delight to see. Well done!

We also have our superstars for TTRS and Spelling Shed. Over the week these 2 children have worked really hard to  complete the challenges and earn lots of points. Well done girls. 

Woodpeckers Reading Challenge Winner

Date: 27th Nov 2020 @ 12:01pm

Here we have the reading challenge winner for the Woodpecker class. A big well done! 

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