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Nursery- achievements

Date: 20th Nov 2020 @ 2:28pm

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Weekly Achievements

Well done to our Star of the Week! This little boy tries so hard in everything he does. He pushes himself out of his comfort zone everyday and makes us smile with pride due to all his wonderful achievements. (There have been so many!)


Well done to our house point winner. Again, there were so many house points were given out this week to all the children, they have had another fantastic week! 


Our book challenge winner is someone who is always trying so hard at home and in school and has been in the prize draw every week because she has been on green and read 5x a week since her first book. We reallly hope that you enjoy your book. 

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Lots of children have been completing their rainbow challenges and growing their brains! Well done. Please see the pictures attached.


Keep up this amazing effort Nursery. We are so incredibly proud. 


Mrs Mort, Mrs Farrington and Mrs Lenagan 

Nursery- outdoor learning and Diwali

Date: 18th Nov 2020 @ 2:54pm

This week in Nursery we have been learning all about the Diwali story and celebrations. The children have enjoyed hearing the story, looking at special items, making Mehndi hand patterns and also practising their writing skills by making each other Diwali cards. Outdoor learning has included scavenger hunts using numbered pots. The children were challenged to recognise the number on the pot and find that amount of natural items. What a great start to the week! 

Nursery- Children in Need and Awards

Date: 13th Nov 2020 @ 1:24pm

Pudsey GIF - Pudsey CartoonBear Waving - Discover & Share GIFs

We have had a busy day in Nursery today. We have been raising money and having fun with all our Pudsey activities for Children in Need. We have celebrated our children on green level on the reading challenge this week and a special well done goes to our book prize winner who is doing so well listening and enjoying his stories. Our Star of the Week is an excellent role model who gives 100% to everything he does and is an amazing role model to his peers. We have lot of children who receieved Rainbow Challenge awards aswell as week. Keep up the good work Nursery, you make us proud everyday!

Awards clipart animation, Awards animation Transparent FREE for download on  WebStockReview 2020

Nursery- Home Learning

Date: 10th Nov 2020 @ 4:39pm

We have had some incredible work uploaded to our Evidence Me app. Keep up the amazing work Nursery!

Nursery- Remembrance activities

Date: 10th Nov 2020 @ 2:31pm

In Nursery, we have been learning all about poppies and their significance. We took photographs of the children’s hands and then printed a poppy shape using paint and an apple. Linking this to our literacy work, we tried to write the first few sounds in the word ‘poppy’. Some children could hear the initial sound and some could hear the second sounds too. We made a display with the message ‘Peace is in our hands’. In the afternoon, lots of children continued to create poppies and use the enhanced areas such as play dough to continue their learning. Well done Nursery, you have shown great maturity, respect and have work extremely hard. 



Nursery - Awards

Date: 6th Nov 2020 @ 3:46pm

Well done to the Rainbow Award Winners this week. You worked very had on your Rainbow CHallenges.

Well done to our House Point winner!

Well done to our Reading Challenge winner for reading 5 times this week

Our Star of the Week winner received their award for working hard on the different challenges and he tried super hard to use different tools to make a firework painting.


Nursery- weekly update

Date: 6th Nov 2020 @ 7:49am

We’ve had another great week in nursery. There are some wonderful outcomes from digit dance...just look at those number 7s! We all had our toast to raise money for Tamba who is our sponsored child. We have also been using our new squiggle sticks to practise our gross motor skills ready for writing. What did you enjoy the most? 

Nursery- Autumn and Fireworks

Date: 2nd Nov 2020 @ 12:10pm

A great start back to school for our Nursery class today! In class have been talking about Bonfire Night and fireworks. The children have made some amazing firework pictures after we talked about our experiences and watched a firework display on the computer. Whilst outdoors, some children noticed some autumn leaves and then lots of children began to make autumn leaf pictures. Can you guess what they are? 

Nursery Reading Challenge

Date: 23rd Oct 2020 @ 11:39am

Well done to all our children on green this week. We had 71% of children who read 5 or more times this week which is our best total yet! Could we get over 80% next week? 


Well done to Amelia our book prize winner for this week. 

Nursery Number Hunt

Date: 22nd Oct 2020 @ 9:19pm

We enjoyed our number hunt this week, we have some great detectives in class! We have also been writing numerals in our inside and outside classroom with a special focus on 0 and 1. Continuing with our Halloween theme, we have been building up our muscles, fine motor skills and creative skills with our pumpkin hammer challenge and skeleton making challenge! What was your favourite part of the week?

Nursery- Spooky Week

Date: 19th Oct 2020 @ 1:51pm

We have had a spooky start to our week in Nursery. We have been making shape pictures of witches, we have been collecting numbered eyeballs from our potions and writing the numeral on the board and also trick or treating in the house. 

Dance Halloween GIF by PlayKids - Find & Share on GIPHY


Nursery SMSC and Mental Health

Date: 16th Oct 2020 @ 11:51am

We have been worked hard on our Ourselves topic this term, this week we have made butterflies to remind us of activities that make us happy and have good mental health. We have also been thinking of ways to stay healthy and have displayed these on our board in class. 

Nursery Reading Challenge

Date: 16th Oct 2020 @ 11:39am

Well done to Alex who has won our Reading Challenge book prize this week. He has read 5 times and worked hard on his rhyming activities too which has had a big impact on his work in class. Well done! 



Nursery - Rhyming silly soup

Date: 12th Oct 2020 @ 10:53am

We have had a busy morning making silly soup to complete our purple challenge. We are only allowed to put rhyming ingredients in. Haven’t we done well!? What could you make at home? 



Nursery Reading Challenge Winner

Date: 9th Oct 2020 @ 12:16pm

Well done to our reading challenge super stars this week. Our school expectation is that we read 5 times a week at least to get on to our green level. Those children who achieve green will get put into a prize draw and the winner receives a book. 

Here is our winner this week, well done! 

Please record reading on Evidence Me so that your child can get into the prize draw. Who will it be next week? 

Nursery Learning 07.10

Date: 7th Oct 2020 @ 1:33pm

We have had another exciting and busy week. We have been making rhyming potions outside (using the dog and frog mixtures together for example), we have been exploring using jelly in the water area, writing what we think our favourite characters might tell us and also learning about keeping healthy and cleaning teeth as part of our challenges. What was your favourite activity so far?

Animated Potions- Pixelart Weekly | PeakD



Nursery Spiderman Numbers

Date: 5th Oct 2020 @ 12:07pm

Spiderman Shooting Web Gif GIFs | Tenor

Spiderman left us some numbers in his web this morning! We enjoyed recognising the numerals and counting the numicon. Some children even matched them together. Well done Nursery!

Nursery- mark making activity

Date: 29th Sep 2020 @ 11:23am

We have been practising our gross motor and handwriting skills with these super moves that we sing and move to the Dance Monkey song. We even have a lovely mark making wall to celebrate children who have tried hard. Can you spot yours? 

This week's rainbow challenges.

Date: 25th Sep 2020 @ 4:34pm

In Nursery, we are getting really good at doing the different challenges. All these children managed to complete all 5 coloured  challenges this week and are very pleased with their certificates!

Nursery SMSC

Date: 23rd Sep 2020 @ 10:53pm

We have been focusing on the question ‘What makes us unique?’. To aid our discussions, we have read many books such as We Are All Different, Be You and What I like About Me. We have also made some ‘I am unique’ mirrors and talked about our similarities and differences and celebrated these. We hope you like them!

Nursery Activities

Date: 23rd Sep 2020 @ 10:39pm


Another wonderful week in Nursery! The children have been completing challenges, making faces in playdough, undertaking obstacle courses, writing, singing and using a Bee Bots! 

Nursery Challenges

Date: 16th Sep 2020 @ 8:42pm

We have had three challenges so far this week in Nursery. The children have worked so hard to complete them and collect their sticks. On Friday, the children that collect all 5, will receive a rainbow certificate. Haven’t they done well?

Nursery enjoying role play.

Date: 16th Sep 2020 @ 1:24pm

This week in Nursery, we set up a shop in our outdoor area. The children played shop keeper and customer and worked together. There were lots of interesting conversations between the children and we were able to share our food likes and dislikes with each other.

Nursery Week 2

Date: 15th Sep 2020 @ 8:43pm

In Nursery the children have been exploring the areas, following the rules and continuing to get to know their friends. They have been creating self portraits for our display, enjoyed outdoor bubbles, used the outdoor shop and have been introduced to challenges this week. Keep posted for some brilliant examples later in the week! 

Nursery New Starters

Date: 8th Sep 2020 @ 8:51pm

We had some more new children on their taster days today. They have settled really well and it was lovely to see the existing Nursery children showing them how to use the areas. We saw the start of some friendships developing too. Some boys built a train track and garage together and tidied up before they moved onto another area!  

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