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Penguins- winter

Date: 13th Jan 2021 @ 5:45pm

We have been really enjoying learning all about Winter this week in school and have got really stick in to all our challenges. We have been building snowmen out of cloud dough, igloos out of sugar cubes, making winter pictures and prentended to be melting snowmen! We have also been using lots of new and exciting words to describe winter. 

Penguins - Amazing homelearning

Date: 13th Jan 2021 @ 5:39pm

I have been so proud and so impressed with all the homelearning every single Penguin has been doing at home this week.  I know its not easy and you are all missing school but you are making me so proud and showing real resiliance, keep it up Penguins.  

These are just a few of the wonderful activities that some children have been busy with at home, I especially love the snowmen!


Winter snow

Date: 7th Jan 2021 @ 2:28pm

As part of our winter topic we went on a winter walk this afternoon in our school grounds. We got ourselves ready in our winter suits and wellies and went outside. When we were walking we talked about what we could hear and touch. The children came up with some great words like crackle and crunch. We then used our bodies to make different shapes and patterns in the snow. We have also brought some snow inside for us to explore in different ways! 

What have you done with the snow at home? 

Penguins - Celebrations

Date: 18th Dec 2020 @ 1:05pm

Well done to our house point winner and reading challenge winner this week! 


Penguins- Christmas Performances!

Date: 17th Dec 2020 @ 1:02pm

We loved watching all the Christmas Performances this afternoon. Really put us in a festive mood! ๐ŸŽ„๐ŸŽ…๐Ÿผ

Penguins- outdoor Christmas fun!

Date: 16th Dec 2020 @ 1:27pm

We have been getting very busy outside today! Some children started jumping off some of the equipment, which turned into a small obstacle course which then turned into Santa's elves escaping from the snow and adapting the obstacle course to make it more challenge! 
There was amazing team work, turn taking, as well as managing risks when moving! Well done! 

We also had some boys decide to build their own little elf out of bricks! 


Penguin Christmas Party Lunch

Date: 16th Dec 2020 @ 11:53am

We had a great time at our Festive Christmas party lunch! 

Penguins - Santa Dash

Date: 11th Dec 2020 @ 11:22am

It may have been wet but we loved our Santa Dash this morning and managed to run around the track 7 times in 15 minutes.  

Well done Penguins!

We even had one superstar take part from home, amazing!!

Penguins- Celebrations

Date: 11th Dec 2020 @ 11:11am

What another great week this week Penguins.  I can't believe we have only 1 week left of our Autumn Term.

This week we start our celebrations with a very special award that we don't always give out; our Always Child.  This is awarded to someone who ALWAYS makes the right choice, always tries their best and is always willing to help.  This was an easy decision this week for me.  Alexa always makes the right choices and always blows my socks off at how hard she tries to push and progress herself every day, even at home!  Well done Alexa!

Well done to our star of the week this week for working so hard in all your learning.  You have tried so hard with your writing this week and really impressed me with your segmenting and blending, well done!

Well done to our other winners this week. 

Have a great weekend Penguins!


Penguins - Booktrust

Date: 10th Dec 2020 @ 2:57pm

We are so excited today as we have received and early Christmas treat from The BookTrust; a free book! 

Click on the photo of us to find out more information and some free online stories and fun games to play! 

I'd love to see some pictures of you reading your new book on Evidence Me. 

Thank you BookTrust, we can't wait to get home and read it!! 

Penguins - Santaโ€™s Sleigh

Date: 10th Dec 2020 @ 2:04pm

We had a great time outside today. A group of children decided to build Santa's sleigh. They discussed with each other what they needed to use and worked well together to add the different parts. 
They then used the sleigh for some imaginary role-play. I personally loved the reindeers at the front driving the sleigh! 

Which reindeer would you be? 

Reception - Christmas

Date: 9th Dec 2020 @ 5:10pm

We are having a great week this week learning all about Christmas.  We have started to learn what Christmas is and why we celebrate it and we have been really busy with our Christmas related challenges.  We been making parachutes for Santa and writing him letters, decorating Christmas trees with festive loose parts as well as creating our own winter wonderland in the water tray whilst exploring floating and sinking!

We can't wait for the rest of the week!

Penguins - Reverse Advent

Date: 4th Dec 2020 @ 3:17pm

Wow!! Thank you so much for all your contributions today! We have a brilliant amount of food and supplies to help our local community. 

Penguins- Celebration

Date: 4th Dec 2020 @ 1:49pm

Well done to our winners this week! 

I chose my star of the week for always trying his hardest with his learning in school and at home. He is making great progress and that's due to his hard work and determination! Well done! 


Have a great weekend Penguins!

Reception- All about Autumn

Date: 3rd Dec 2020 @ 12:13pm

We have been really enjoying learning about All About Autumn.

We read the story Don't hog the hedge which is all about a hedgehog getting ready for hibernation.

Penguins now know what hibernation is and have loved making hibernation dens outside for different animals.

We have also been looking at simularities and differences this week between Autumn weather and Summer. 

Penguins- New arrival

Date: 2nd Dec 2020 @ 7:48am

So, yesterday when we came into school we had a new class memeber! We found our friend Buddy the Elf sat in the Christmas tree! Buddy had written us a letter and said that he was coming to see how we all share in Reception because the elves at the North Pole aren't always very good at it! 

We talked about how we could help Buddy and have been working really hard to show him good sharing! 

We have also decorated our Christmas tree with our beautiful handmade decorations! 

Penguin celebrations

Date: 26th Nov 2020 @ 4:03pm

What another wonderful week we have had this week! 

Well done to Violet for being our star of the week! She always works so hard and is becoming more and more confident in class and I am super proud of her! 



Well done to our other winners this week! 

Have a great weekend everyone! 

Penguins- Diwali Snacktime

Date: 26th Nov 2020 @ 3:52pm

We have loved our Diwali feast today for our snack. We had onion bhajis, popadoms, samosas, rice, mango chutney and our handmade Diwali sweets.
We loved it! 


Penguins- Hand Washing

Date: 25th Nov 2020 @ 8:51pm

Today, Penguins had a very special visitor from the Bolton Healthy Familes Team to talk to us all about hand hygiene and why it's so important to keep our hands clean. We learnt about germs, learnt a new song and even did a short science experiment that meant we could see the germs on our hands! We really enjoyed it! 

Penguin Celebrations!

Date: 20th Nov 2020 @ 3:16pm

Well done to our Star of the Week, Gianluca always tries his hardest and has blown my socks off this week with his number work when finding one less of some really tricky numbers!  Well done Superstar!

Well done to all our other winners this week, what a great week for Penguins!


I was really proud of how many children where green readers this week, think we could get more though!


Have a great weekend Penguins!


Reception- Diwali Sweets

Date: 19th Nov 2020 @ 3:39pm

Next week we want to have a Diwali celebration and want to make some Barfi (traditional Diwali sweets). We had our first attempt at making them today, we followed the recipe carefully. Our first attempt didn't go very well and our mixture was too crumbly. We now know what to do to improve them next week and can't wait to have another try and taste them. We put the mixture out in provision and the children loved exploring the texture and smell. 

Reception - All about Diwali

Date: 19th Nov 2020 @ 8:00am

We are really enjoying learning about Diwali this week. We have been reading the story of Rama and Sita and acting it out. To strengthen our fine motor skills we have been creating our own Mendhi and Rangoli patterns, it has been lovely to see so many bright colours and patterns being made. Making Diwali card has really helped us practise our writing too. 

We have also used clay for the first time and made some Diva lamps, the children absolutely loved making these and did such a brilliant job. 

I have also enjoyed seeing some of your observations from home where you have been continuing your Diwali learning, this is fab.  Well done Penguins!

Penguins Evidence Me

Date: 16th Nov 2020 @ 3:31pm

I have been really enjoying seeing all the different types of learning that you have been sharing with me on Evidence me.  There has been baking, crafting, gymnastics, days out, homelearning and even some home animation.  

Remember to keep sharing with me as its so lovely to see all the fab things you get up to at home. 

I have added two lovely videos for you to watch. 

Penguins Stay and Play

Date: 16th Nov 2020 @ 3:13pm

Wow Penguins, you have really impressed me with how you have tackled the stay and play virtual sessions.  I have loved seeing all your videos, photos and excited comments from your grown ups. 

I am really pleased you are enjoying them, and that its helping the grown-ups at home too. 

I have added some of the pictures below for you too look at, remember to keep sharing them with me on Evidence Me. 

Penguins Celebration

Date: 13th Nov 2020 @ 3:31pm

Well done to all our winners this week!

I chose our star of the week for working so hard this week in everything she has done.  She has absolutey blown me away with her writing and her never giving up attitude. Well done Super star!




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