Year 1/2- Robins 2020 - 2021

Miss Dooley

Miss Dooley

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NEW LEARNING* - Year 1 this will be mainly for you but some of Year 2 you could also benefit from this

Mrs. Lenagan’s Phonics Tutorials

There will now be 4 online tutorials per week, covering 4 different sounds from Phase 5 which is what the children were working on in school before the closure. These are designed to be active sessions for children join in with, similar to what they did in school. The children only need a piece of paper, a pen/pencil and a grown-up to sit next to them for support. The role of the adult is to check for correct letter formation (cursive print), support with segmenting and blending of words and support the sentence application at the end. All of which will all be explained and guided throughout. Each week, spellings will be set for year 1 children based on the sounds learned and will include the common exception words (full lists of CEW can be found on class pages on the blog).

Search: Phase 5 'ay' Mrs Lenagan

Or follow the link:

Please feel free to leave a comment, blog any work on School Spider and re-watch as many times as necessary, until the children know and can use the sounds. There are also explanations of online follow up games that can be used on tablets, phones and computers to apply the learning from the tutorial.

There will be a new link on class blogs Monday to Thursday for the latest tutorial. 

Times Table Rockstars

This is for children in Year 1 to Year 6 and can be accessed through

Children will require their username and password to access this. Children should access this daily.


Read Theory

This is for children in Year 1 to Year 5 and can be accessed through:

 Children will require their username and password to access this. Children should access this daily.



This is for children in Nursery, Reception, Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, Year 4, Year 5, Year 6 and can be accessed through

Children will require their username and password to access this. Children should access the blog for the IXL instructions each day.  *For those children who have self-isolated since this week (w/c 16th March) an email will be sent with the IXL usernames and passwords


Phonics Play:

This is a great resource for EYFS and KS1 children to practice their phonics. Sign up is free, using the code below.


BBC Bitesize:  

This is website which provides activities for a range of subjects, not just Maths and English





This website is providing free access during school closures. Please see the code below   CODE: CVDTWINKLHELPS

(Printable Resources but can be used for ideas if no printer available)


Joe Wicks – Active 8 Minute Workout:

Joe Wicks, The Body Coach, has a series of you tube videos where he has performed quick 8 minute work-outs with children in a classroom setting.

(Can also be found by typing Active 8 Joe Wicks in YouTube search bar)


Classroom Secrets Kids:

New website developed by Classroom Secrets which is free to sign up for.

Good for English & Maths, with some History Links


White Rose Maths:

Maths experts, WRM, are providing video voiceovers, activity sheets and answers for Years 1-8. No sign up needed – just visit the website below.


Common Exception Words- to read and write from memory.

Game ideas

Find the missing one- cut up and take turns to hide one of the words. Partner to read and guess which is missing.

Snap- adult writing firstly on post-it notes/card.

Flash cards- holding up and waiting for recognition.

Find me- Looking through story and non-fiction books to find a tricky word.

Bingo-each player chooses 6 words, writes them down and then another player calls out the word. 

Make a sentence- write a sentence with the word or read a sentence and spot the words.

Post it crown- one player put a post it stuck to their forehead others offer clues. The person wearing the post it crown must spell it to win a point.

Passwords- Attach these to doors in the house and every time a person passes through, they need to say the password by reading 1 common exception word. write as you watch the video. (type tricky words into


David Walliams

David is releasing a free audio book every day, take a listen


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