Weeks 1 and 2

This half term our focus in Art is on sculpture. The children have been looking at different types of sculpture and will be creating their own pieces with inspiration from a range of artists.

EYFS - The children worked together to create a tape resistant dinosaur. They used various painting tools, such as sponges, tin foil and bubble wrap to print over the top of the masking tape. Once it was dry they peeled it off to reveal the dinosaurs skeleton.

Key Stage 1 - The children have looked at a range of artists who have focussed on coral reef sculptures, including Courtney Mattison. They discussed and evaluated the sculptures and shared their thoughts and feelings.

Lower Key Stage 2 - The children researched a variety of Canopic jars created by the Ancient Egyptians. They talked about the importance of the Canopic jars and what they represented. After that, they began to develop their clay skills to join 2 pieces together.

Upper Key Stage 2 - The children researched a wide variety of masks linked to their topic on Ancient Maya. They used their research to decide on which type of mask they wanted to create. They also began to work with clay and developed their skills in how to create a slab, mix clay and water to make slip, and score  slabs using tools.


Weeks 3 and 4

This week the children in EYFS have been learning how Eid is celebrated. They used clay to make a Mehndi disc or handprint. They rolled the clay using rolling pins then decorated their disc using clay tools and a variety of mark making shapes.

In Key Stage 1, the children have been practising their clay skills using playdoh. They practised using different techniques and creating different textures. They started to think about how they could apply these skills in order to make specific types of coral for their final project.

In Key Stage 2, children have started to design their own clay Mayan masks. They thought about the skills and techniques they have been practising and how these can be applied to their final piece. They used pastels to create their own design in their sketchbooks and annotated it by reflecting on the techniques they have learnt and choosing which ones they felt would work best.


Weeks 5 and 6

This week the children in EYFS used collage to create farm animal pictures and masks. They practised their cutting and sticking skills as well as using their imaginations to create their pictures. They thought carefully about the different materials they could use and chose which was the best way to stick them to their creations.

In Key Stage 1, the children have created their final sculpture of a coral reef inspired by the artist Courtney Mattison. They applied all the different skills they have learnt to create different types of coral and sea-life.

In Key Stage 2, children have created their final Mayan masks. They applied all the skills they have been practising throughout the unit and they followed their designs. Once they had created their masks they used a range of acrylic paints to paint their pieces.





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