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Our role within school is to enhance and assist in promoting online safety and the use of ICT. We are children with a passion for technology who want to share their knowledge with others and promote the use of all things digital throughout the school. 

Meet our Gates Digital Leaders. 




Mission Statement 

We promise to work together to keep the children of our school safe online and using technology.  



  • To support our peers with Computing  
  • To report any concerns raised to trusted adults  
  • To keep ourselves and our peers safe, offering advice when needed 


Spring Term Update 


During Spring 1, children at The Gates celebrated ‘Safer Internet Day’. The theme for this year was “All fun and games? Looking at respect and Relationships online”. Our Early Years children looked at how they can keep themselves safe when using devices online. They learnt a rhyme to help them remember what to do. In our KS1 classes, the children first looked at the different games they played and how each game has an age rating. They read a story called ‘Digiduck and the Magic Castle’ which looks at some of the dangers of playing games online, including spending money and sharing information. They then went on to create safe gaming profiles. Our LKS2 children first guessed the age ratings of different games and then looked at the features of one particular game in detail. From this, they created a poster to promote ways to keep safe gaming online. Our eldest children ranked apps according to risk and created respectful responses to different online scenarios. As digital leaders, we helped to lead some brilliant discussions and provided excellent support and advice for the children in our classes. 


We decided that we would like to continue the gaming theme as it proved very popular during Safer Internet Day. We gave out gaming slips to the children in our classes in order to gain an understanding about what gaming looks like at The Gates. We asked everyone to write a list of the games they accessed at home. We then spent our Digital Leader time researching, collating and analysing the data. We put this into a PowerPoint and presented our findings in phase assemblies. Take a look at some of the slides from our PowerPoint to find out what gaming looks like at The Gates.  


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