Week 1  - Autumn 2021

Lower Key Stage 2 pupils have learned how to greet friends, family and other adults with the correct level of formality.  It has been good to hear how easily the children have learned to copy the French pronunciations.

Upper Key Stage 2 pupils have learned the names of immediate family and extended family members.  The masculine, feminine and plural versions of ‘the’ have been revised.

Week 2

The Lower Key Stage 2 children have had their second lesson on French greetings.  They continued to practise 'Hello' and 'Hi' and introduced themselves with 'My name is...'.

Upper Key Stage 2 children revised the names of family members, learned the names of some French people and introduced them with 'He/she is called...'.

Week 3

This week in French the children in Lower Key Stage 2 have extended their knowledge of basic greetings by asking, "How are you?"  

Upper Key Stage 2 pupils have learned how to ask and reply to the question, "Do you have a brother or a sister?"  

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