Week 1 - Autumn 2 2021

This week, the children have started local area studies across the school as part of our History lessons. Chronology has been the main skill this week across all phases. 

In KS1, the children have completed timelines to show their understanding of their previous unit about The Creation of Our school and then added 3 of the main events of the Pretoria Pit Disaster to their timeline. 

In LKS2, the children worked together to create timelines which included events from previous learning alongside key dates about the Industrial Revolution which introduces the era for the new unit of 'Weavers at Work'. Some children took their learning further by researching key dates for themselves linked to Westhoughton mills. 

In UKS2, the children have been busy creating timelines to show the start of WW1. They have been busy building on previous learning about WW2 and recent units of work such as The Mayans and Ancient Egyptians and creating timelines to show summaries of their learning so far. Some children created in-depth timelines to show the key events of WW1. 

Week 2

This week the whole school have taken part in activities centred around Remembrance Day and why it is such an important occasion. Mrs Latham laid a wreath on the Cenotaph in Westhoughton and all the children in school decorated poppy pebbles and laid them in our school garden.

In Nursery and Reception the children have been learning about different festivals and celebrations and are beginning to compare them.

In KS1 the children continued their work about the Pretoria Pit by finding out more about coal mines, they even learned a song about mines.

In LKS2 the children continued to learn about cotton mills and what they were like. They looked at evidence sources to find out more.

In UKS2 the children used sources of evidence to find out about how and why WW1 began and discovered which countries were involved.

Week 3

This week we have had a fantastic week in History. In Nursery and Reception, the children continued their work about celebrations by learning about Diwali. 

In KS1 the children found out what life was like down in the mines. They used their senses to explore what it was like for the miners who worked down the Pretoria Pit.

In LKS2 the children explored some artefacts linked to mills and asked questions about them.

In UKS2 the children continued their work about WW1. They compared the impact of the war on Westhoughton and the North West with the impact in London.


Week 4

This week in EYFS the children have continued their learning about different festivals and celebrations by learning about Hanukkah and hosting a Diwali feast.

In KS1 the children have started to look at the Pretoria Pit in more detail by looking at what happened on the day of the disaster itself.

History lessons in LKS2 have involved the children imagining working conditions in mills by working under the tables. In the cotton mills, many of the child workers spent many hours climbing under the machines to collect the cotton.

In UKS2 the children continued to find out more about WW1 by working outside and acting out what it was like in the trenches of WW1. They explored the conditions alongside the thoughts and feelings of the soldiers involved.

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