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We are The Gates Inclusion Champions


Here at The Gates we take great pride in our role as Inclusion Champions. 


Mission Statements:

We promise to work together to raise awareness of benefits of diversity and inclusion by appreciating and understanding diversity so that we all feel equal, valued and listened to.


We aim to:

Ensure that everyone feels included at school and within the community.

Increase everyone's awareness of diversity and inclusion. 

Support anyone who feels socially isolated. 


We have currently received training in our roles from Happy Smiles. This training helps to outline our roles and responsibilities and how we can best support our peers in school and raise awareness within the wider community. 

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Autumn Term Update

Throughout Autumn Term, we focused on developing our new role as Inclusion Champions.  As it is a new role in the school, we felt it was important to educate all children on our roles and responsibilities and so we went into classes, introducing ourselves and our aims for developing inclusion. Whilst in classes, we shared a range of stories focusing on inclusivity and long-term health conditions. This allowed us to highlight the importance of treating everyone as equals, understanding differences whilst also raising awareness of different disabilities.  

More recently, during Disability History Month, classes throughout school spent their Big Question time discussing: Equality and differences, understanding a disability, and learning about the term ‘hidden impairment’. During this week, we had the opportunity to join KS1 in their phase assembly to discuss our training and share ideas on how we can make sure all individuals with disabilities are included.

Since our training with Happy Smiles, we have worked together to develop ideas on how we can promote different forms of communication throughout the school. We have developed a strong passion to ensure that whilst in school, children are able to learn how to communicate with those with disabilities. We are looking forward to implementing these throughout school after the New Year.  

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Spring Term Update

This term, we planned in a range of opportunities for inclusion to be at the forefront of discussions. Through weekly phase assemblies, we have had the opportunity to discuss Big Questions, themes which are a priority to the school and nationally, such as World Religion Day, National LGBT+ month, different families and racism. In each of our phase assemblies, a structured approach was taken to ensure children understood the effects of inclusive behaviour, whilst encouraging them to develop empathy and practise techniques to behave inclusively. 

As a result of the phase assemblies, we were able to highlight the significance of inclusion whilst celebrating diversity. 

In addition to this, through regular meetings, we have discussed the importance of communication to ensure that people can express themselves and make sense of the world around them. We have worked collaboratively collating a range of ideas to implement in Summer 1.  

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