February 2021

As a whole school we have been celebrating Rainbow Month to learn about LGBT+ History. We have been celebrating equality and diversity through a range of specific PSHE activities and through cross curricular links with other subjects.

EYFS/KS1- In EYFS, the children enjoyed the Elmer story; they talked about how he is different from the other elephants and celebrated this. They then created symbols and colours on a body outline just like the other elephants did in the story to represent how they are all unique. The children also studied the work of the artist Kandinsky and his work on circles and colours to then make their own representations. Later in the week the children read the story And Tango Makes Three about two male penguins who love each other and want a family together. Reflecting on this, they then discussed their own families and compared different family structures including same sex families.

LKS2- In lower key stage two the children have been reading books by the author Olly Pike such as Kenny lives with Erica and Martina. These books are about inclusion, diversity, and equality. The children then designed heart shields to express their own individuality. Children were also learning about the vast range of rainbow flags and what the colours represent to people who identify in different ways. After this, children then created their own heart shaped rainbow shields during their art lesson.

UKS2- In Years 5 and 6 the children have been studying books from Olly Pike. They then wrote questions to Olly Pike an author and Youtuber who is CEO of the Pop’n’Olly company. He then sent the children a lengthy personalised video because he wasn’t able to visit in person. During this he read two of his books, discussed his own experiences and answered all of the children’s questions in an honest and open way. The children really enjoyed this session and there were many positive reflections, including "I learnt that we need to accept how people feel and we should accept that. I also learnt that it doesn't matter if you are different as long as you are happy,".

Week 1 - Spring 2

The children have been celebrating LGBT+ History Month throughout February and their PSHE lessons in school are focused around this event as well as more widely in the curriculum.

In EYFS the children have focused on learning about identities through a range of books as a starting point for discussions and activities. They have shared the books ‘My Shadow is Pink’, ‘The Colour Monster’ and ‘Perfectly Norman’. These books have helped the children to understand how colours can be representative of feelings and identities. The children enjoyed making flags that represented them as individuals and the children could explain why they had chosen specific colours. Some children then explored the black tray and dressed the Potato Head characters in the colours and designs of their choice. The pronouns he, she and they were modelled and used, and gender stereotypes of clothing were discussed linking back to the ‘My Shadow is Pink’ story.  The children have also enjoyed the ‘Perfectly Norman’ book and made a pair of their own wings to represent themselves. In class, the children talked about how no two wings were the same and they celebrated their differences.

The LKS2 the children have been exploring gender definitions and gender stereotypes. The children have been reading ‘Are You a Boy or Are You a Girl’ and focusing on the main character which is gender neutral. This has provoked a lot of discussion in class about gender stereotypes in jobs and more widely in the community.

In UKS2 the children have been researching key events in LGBT+ history and creating timelines. The focus has been how to understand how attitudes and laws have changed over. The children have really enjoyed learning about this, and it has provoked conversations about how this might change again in future years.

The Inclusion Champions have also been into all Phase assemblies this month to talk to the children about LGBT+ History Month and discussed their Big Question. They also read and discussed the story ‘Prince Henry’ by the author Olly Pike who virtually visited last year.




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