The Gates Primary School is a 3-11 Community Primary School with 320 children on roll. It is a one and a half form entry school.


Early Years

The Early Years Foundation Stage Unit is a mixed class of 3 and 4 year old children. The school admits 45 four year olds (Reception children) and 25 three year olds (Nursery children). All of our children attend school full-time and we are happy to offer the 30 hour free  nursery entitlement to parents who qualify. .  There are two full time Qualified Teachers, two Teaching Assistants and an Apprentice who work within the unit. Each child will  have a key worker, who will plan and assess that child, though there is a very much team led approach in the unit and all staff contribute to all children’s teaching, learning and assessment. 

Children are admitted in line with the governors’ admissions policy (available on this school website or from the school).


Key Stage 1

Children between the ages of 5-7 will complete two years in Key Stage 1. Key Stage 1 consists of Year 1 and Year 2 and there are 90 pupils across these two year groups. The children are split into three classes, each class has 30 pupils.  There is a full time Qualified Teacher in each class and a part time Teaching Assistant in each class.


Key Stage 2

In KS2 the children are split into six classes. We organise our classes using several criteria to ensure that in each class there is a balance of gender and an even distribution of ability. 

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