Parent Questionnaire & Feedback


Parents Questionnaire Feedback

October 2018:

Strengths of the School

  • Attitudes to learning
  • Friendly, dedicated and approachable staff who understand each child’s needs
  • Learning is made fun
  • Inclusive school
  • Putting the children first
  • The Learning Environment, both inside and outside
  • Caring, nurturing and welcoming environment
  • Support provided to children when required
  • Enrichment opportunities
  • Safeguarding
  • The standards of education
  • Communication between home and school
  • Friendly, happy and well-mannered     children
  • High standards and expectations
  • Promotion of independent learning and working together as a team
  • Strong school community, with a dedicated PTA

Suggestions for future developments…

We are always seeking to improve our school for our pupils, parents and all parts of our school community. See below what parents thoughts are regarding how we can further improve and how as a school we continue to address these issues.

“Can we have clarification around Homework and how we can help at home with times tables? ” 

All homework across school is sent home each Friday. Homework topic webs are sent home the first Friday of each half term and homework can be brought in during the half term in relation to this. EYFS will also receive topic homework from Autumn 2.

Each Friday, Year 2– Year 6 children will record , in their reading diary, the test score they achieved on the weekly times table test and also the times table that the child is currently learning so parents can help at home. From Year 3-Year 6, the children will also record the test score they achieved on the weekly spelling test in their reading diary.  In Year 1 & Year 2, the children will continue to bring home the spelling test each week with the new words to learn for the following week. Reception children will be sent home tricky works from Autumn 2.

All children are expected to read at least 4 times a week and this should be recorded in the reading diary. Children in Year 5 and Year 6 receive additional English and maths homework each week.

Can the website include important dates and copies of letters, etc sent home?

Parents  say they appreciate the weekly newsletter which holds all the important dates for events in school and provides relevant information. We endeavour to provide as much notice to parents as we can regarding events in school but occasionally there might be a special event which crops up, where not as much notice is provided. Any changes to dates will be recorded in red on the newsletter.

From Autumn 2, parents will be able to access any letters, forms, etc, sent home from school via the school website under the Parent section. As well, the calendar will be developed further on the website

“Can further opportunities be developed for Performing Arts ?”

We are proud of the enrichment opportunities we offer children and the wide range of clubs at school. This year we are excited to offer further opportunities for children to develop  in the Performing Arts. Already, the Drama club which has been offered has been successful, and we also have plans to produce a end of year School Production and also a Talent Show!

It has been a privilege reading all the parent questionnaires. We always strive for excellence in all we do but we do appreciate your honest and open feedback so we can improve. Remember we have an open door policy and will always listen and help when we can!


Quotes from our parents (Oct 2018):

"Safe environment and excellent learning Environment.”  
"Every child learns at different levels, this is catered for at this fantastic school. There is a very positive  approach shown to children who struggle in certain areas of their learning but children learn that anything is achievable within a very positive “you can do it” environment.“    
"Very committed members of staff who all excel in making the pupils happy, lessons are made fun so that the children understand what is being taught. There are very caring and positive staff who are always happy to help and are very committed to the school.”  
"My daughter loves coming to school – I think that says it all. Whatever you are doing for her you are absolutely getting it right.”
"Children are happy.”
"A commitment to reading, which includes visits to the local library and a large array of books for children to enjoy at school. Children are encouraged to read through reading challenges.”
"The children are well behaved and any issues are dealt with promptly.”
"Children enjoy their time at school.”
"Helping the children develop a positive outlook on difficult tasks.”
"The school understands the needs of the individual child.“
"Good intervention groups to help overcome barriers to learning.“  
"The support and friendly approach of staff is excellent and they are always willing to listen to my Concerns.”  
"Development of well-rounded children with a focus on experiences outside of normal academic work.”    
"Children we are well taught.”    
Great opportunities for all children and the ability to involve parents in their children’s education.”


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