The subject in the spotlight for Summer 2 is PE

Week 1

EYFS were really excited to have their first PE lesson. The children practised different races in preparation for Sports Day which included egg & spoon race, balancing beanbags and relay races. 

In Key Stage 1, the children will be practising their throwing and catching skills then applying them to game situations and Athletics. They began this week by throwing, catching and bouncing different sized balls.   

In Lower Key Stage 2, the new focus is on attacking and defending skills through the game of netball. They have started off this week practising their throwing and catching skills and applying these to small situations. 

Since Easter, Upper Key Stage 2 have been learning how to play Tag Rugby.  Mr Simpson is so proud of the enthusiasm shown for one of his favourite sports and the progress which the children have made.  They have enjoyed their final Rugby session this week and will be starting cricket next Week.

Week 2

In EYFS, the children have been practising different skills they will be using as part of their sports day. This week they worked on passing the baton to the next person and balancing quoits on their head whilst racing.

Our KS1 children have been learning how to stop and kick a ball with accuracy. They made a gate using two cones and practised passing the ball to their partner, passing it through the gate. To make this trickier, they made the gate smaller and moved further away from each other.

In LKS2, the children have been developing their marking skills as part of their netball unit. Each player marked a player from the opposite team, and they applied the passing skills from the previous week.

Our UKS2 children have been practising their fielding techniques in cricket. They focused on catching the ball in different areas: high in the air, mid height and along the floor.

Week 3

It has been lovely to see the outdoor areas being used so well. We are luck to have a vast amount of outdoor space which allows classes to have lessons outside in the summer months.

Key Stage One continue to develop their football skills. This week they have been practising kicking skills and have introduced targets.

This week in Lower Key Stage Two, the children have enjoyed developing their batting skills in ‘Kwik Cricket’ and their throwing techniques for the shot-put and javelin.

Upper Key Stage 2 has been finishing off their tag-rugby lessons with some games. Then moved onto Kwik Cricket, practising their striking and fielding skills in games.  Kwik cricket allows more children to take an active part in the lessons which is key to improving the fitness levels of the pupils.

Week 4

EYFS has been practising their Sports Day events again this week. This was their final practise before their big day next week. The children have learned a lot about how to celebrate others’ achievements and how to deal with not always winning.

KS1 have been continuing with their football unit. It has been wonderful to see the progress children have made in such a short time. This week focussed on trapping the ball with their partners. Children started off closer together and got progressively further apart.

This week, LKS2 have focused on batting in cricket. First, children learned how to hold the bat and then learned how to swing the bat in order to hit the ball where they wanted. They used footballs to start. They progressed from hitting a static ball, to a ball being bowled toward them.

Chadd Pearson from Lancashire Cricket Foundation came in this week to work with our UKS2 children. They practised their bowling skills and even got time to play a little game at the end. It was a great chance to show off what they had learnt during their cricket unit so far. He will be coming to work with our LKS2 on Friday.

Week 5

What a week!  #HealthandFitnessWeek 2021

The whole school have had the opportunity to take part in a wide range of ‘Health & Fitness’ related activities this week -including drumming, boxing, football, tennis, golf, dance and rock climbing.  As well as learning about how to choose a healthy lifestyle.

Year 5s have enjoyed 2 days of Bikeability training, starting off on the playground before graduating out onto the road.

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