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EHG003_1_Zoom.jpgThe Gates School Council

Welcome to The Gates School council page, we are really excited about the year ahead and can't wait to make an impact on our school and local community. We will update this page regulary with what we have been busy working on. 


We have been busy with campainging and elections and now have our new School Council for 2022-2023

We are The Gates School Council


Mission Statement

We promise to always listen and respect the ideas and thoughts of others, taking account of them to bring about change. We promise to work collaboratively to make a difference to our school community.

Our aims:

  • To raise money and awareness for our school community
  • To always listen and be respectful of people’s ideas and thoughts.
  • To work collaboratively to make a difference. 
  • To engage with our classes to share information.


We started the term with campainging and elections, our classes then voted for who they wanted to be their School Council representative. 








During our first meeting we played some getting to know you games, we also thought carefully about our mission statement and aims.  Together we then wrote what we aim to do this year. 

We can't wait to get going!


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What a busy term School council have had.  We organised, advertised and sold toast to raise money for our sponsored child Tamba. This was so popular and we raised £214.75, a special thank you to our PTA who made all the toast for us!

We also advertised and sold poppies for Remembrance Day.



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