Subject in the Spotlight - Art

Week 3 - w/c 16th January

This half term the children have been working on their drawing and painting skills through their Art lessons. 

In Key Stage 1, they have been looking at Aboriginal Art linking it to their topic on Australia. They looked at different examples of artwork and used a view finder to look closely at different sections. They were able to use different types of dry media to draw the lines, symbols and colours that they could see. After that they moved on to looking at specific skills of cross-hatching to create pattern and colour. They used different line types and colours to fill in the shapes looking at how to create light colours and dark colours.

In LKS2 the children have been studying the artist Matteo Pericoli who creates artwork of the views from different windows. They children analysed his different artworks and commented on the techniques and composition that they could see. They moved on to creating tone by changing the grade of pencil that they used. They then experimented with different ways to creat tone by using shapes and lines.

The children in UKS2 have been studying the legendary Japanese artist Hokusai. They analysed his different artworks that link to their topic on mountains and rivers. After that they looked closely at the different patterns they could see if the different sections of his art work and used a range of media to replicate what they could see.

I am very much looking forward to seeing art in action at The Gates later on this term. It will be wonderful to see the children applying their developing skills into their final art piece.

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