Subject in the Spotlight - DT

1st November October 2022

In EYFS this week, the children have been discussing health and safety rules when using the DT equipment in class. They have been using hammers and safety goggles and filling the pumpkins with golf tees.

KS1 have been working extremely hard to evaluate various moving books and have created their own design brief ready for making their own pop-up book!

LKS2 have been evaluating and researching ways in which they can make an interactive book for KS1 all about animals in the rainforest! They looked at different levers and moving mechanisms in the books and started to think about how they can use these mechanisms in their own ideas.

In UKS2 this week, the children have been taking a closer look at how CAMS work, and looking in detail about how they can make a working CAM showcasing different animals.

 30th November 2022

Over the past two weeks, the children in KS1 have been busy analysing different sliders and creating their own prototypes. They followed task plans to enable them to work both independently and collaboratively. The children worked extremely hard to overcome challenges and used a range of tools such as hole punches and scissors to make their levers work.

The children in LKS2 have been working on their own linkages and levers ready for their moving picture book. They have been investigating different pivots and joining methods with their prototypes ensuring their design is fit for purpose.

In UKS2, the children have been delving deeper into their analysis of moving toys and CAMS. They have been studying in depth the sturdiness of materials, ensuring it fits the design brief, and have now created their own CAM prototypes focusing on the more common types of mechanisms.

We can't wait to see the final products in the coming weeks!

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