Subject in the Spotlight - DT

Week commencing 6th November 2023

This week the children have begun their current DT unit, 'Structures'.

In KS1, the children have been researching and debating what a good big hotel requires and looking at different material types which may support this structure.

In LKS2, the children have been evaluating different packaging and the materials used for different purposes. They also created a specific design brief for their product, a Christmas gift box.

In UKS2, the children were tasked with experimenting and debating the pros and cons of current playground equipment. They looked closely at different model structures in preparation for making their own playground structure.


Week commencing 20th November 2023


Over the last fortnight, the children in school have been working extremely hard on building up their skills and knowledge of DT to enable them to create their final product independently.

In KS1, the children have been practising how to join materials to make sturdy structures. They have experimented with flange joints, tab joints, and brace joints all while working collaboratively with partners using task plans.

In LKS2, the children have learnt the new skill of using craft knives. Each class discussed the risk assessment in detail and worked in small groups to cut shapes using the craft knives safely. The children have also been experimenting using computer-aided design software to create cuboid nets.

In UKS2, the children have been looking at triangulation in structures. They used this method to reinforce the structures they had made from paper straws and pipe cleaners.


Week commencing 4th December 2023

The children have had a very busy two weeks in DT getting ready to create their final product.

In KS1, the children have been practising different joining methods and putting this into practise to create their bug hotels. They have been assessing whether each join is stable and thinking of new ways to join each section of their hotels. The children have been using great collaboration skills when creating their hotels.

In LKS2, the children have been designing cuboid nets using computer aided design programs and they have come up with some wonderful Christmas themed designs for their final products.

In UKS2, the children have been working extremely hard learning how to navigate Tinker cad and creating 3D designs for their final playground equipment designs. They put their gates golden goals into practise when working on their designs by showing a lot of resilience and progress when using this new software.

Week commencing 18th December 2023

The children in school have been working extremely hard to create their final products in DT over the past two weeks.

In Early Years, the children created beautiful Christmas candle holders using clay and learned the new skill of using glue guns safely to create their unique wooden Christmas cards.

In KS1, the children worked collaboratively and showed amazing resilience when completing their bug hotels.

In LKS2, the children created their own cuboid nets using a computer aided design programme and used these to make individual Christmas gift boxes.

In UKS2, all children have been working extremely hard over the past two weeks to complete their chosen playground equipment model. They used their knowledge of triangulation to ensure their model was sturdy and practical for it’s purpose

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