Subject in the Spotlight - Geography

Spring 2 - week 3 - 6th March 2023

For the first few weeks of Spring 2 term, the children of KS1 have been exploring their new Geography topic of ‘India’. The children have explored the location and key features of the country of India and its location on Earth. The children even used iPad’s, google maps and atlases to find and locate the surrounding features such as The Indian Ocean, then complimented their learning with an ‘Atlas Challenge’ of finding out what continents, oceans and countries they would fly over if they left The UK by aeroplane! The children found it interesting to note just how many people live in India and how closely linked both of our countries are!

The children of LKS2 continued their WW2 linked topic of ‘What’s outside my Window’ whereby they explored the key local features and surrounding human and physical geography of Westhoughton. The children started their topic with a mapping exercise, to recap key knowledge of the continents and Oceans of Earth, followed closely by some deeper exploration of the UK and the features of Geography prominent to the four countries that make up the union.

The children of UKS2 continued their exploration of their ‘The Water Cycle’ topic. The children took on a close magnification of prominent and key rivers on Earth, exploring their length, key uses and importance to local habitats. The children had several tasks involved in their first few lessons, including presenting data digitally and organising information through multimedia, after research. It has been fascinating to see the level of detail, the reasoning given to some key debates and the resulting questions the children have raised with whilst studying this unit of work!

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