Subject in the Spotlight - History

Summer term - week 1

As the children begin a new term, each class starts new learning as part of their Summer Term History units. In KS1, the children will be learning about The Victorians and the impact that this era had on how we live today, from inspiring inventions to the industrial revolution. Children in LKS2 will learn about the Ancient Egyptians and as part of this will first look at other ancient civilisations before exploring the wonderful world of Ancient Egypt from the pyramids to mummification and more! UKS2 are preparing themselves to explore the Ancient Mayan civilisation, finding out about how this group of people lived and how they compared to other civilisations living at the same time.

This week, KS1 and UKS2 have developed their skills of chronology to sequence events; placing historical eras that they have already learned about onto a timeline before marking out the times of their new era of study. KS1 focused on ordering whilst UKS2 looked at scale. In LKS2, the children used historical sources of evidence to find out more about the civilisation of Ancient Sumer . They asked questions and researched to find out more. The children summarised their findings to explain their learning.

In assembly on Monday, some children went up to the front to present their home learning activities. All the children in school were lucky enough to see a Victorian fact file alongside research about significant Victorians. We are looking forward to seeing more History projects in the coming weeks.

Summer term - week 5

Our History topics are fully underway now across school and the children are enjoying their new learning.

In EYFS, the children have been learning about real life events through activities linked to The Coronation. They have had tea parties, created crowns and made invitations.

KS1 have continued their work about The Victorians. They have used sources of evidence to ask and answer questions and then created a timeline to explain more. The children enjoyed a fabulous trip to Smithills Hall were they dressed up, explored the house, played Victorian games and found out more about Victorian schools.

LKS2 have continued to find out more about ancient civilisations. They used sources of evidence to explore The Indus Valley, used creative ways to present their findings before making comparisons across the civilisations studied so far.

UKS2 have continued to use timelines to explore chronology and when The Ancient Mayans lived. The children have then discovered just how similar the Ancient Mayan number system is to ours today.

A great couple of weeks of History lessons with lots of substantive knowledge and disciplinary skills being learned and developed.

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