Subject in the Spotlight - MFL

14th November 2022

The children in Lower Key Stage 2 have been introduced to the commands of the classroom.  They can give commands and have practised writing them.  Greetings have been revised and the children are creating short conversations with their partners. 

In Upper Key Stage 2, the children have also been learning classroom commands e.g. listen, repeat, open your book.  They have revised their numbers to 10 and were introduced to numbers to 20.  They had fun playing a game of Bingo.


14th December 2022

The Lower Key Stage 2 children have been working on reading and writing the French words for colours and numbers to 10.  They have had short 'greetings' conversation and are starting to develop a French accent.

In Upper Key Stage 2, the children have developed their cultural understanding of France by learning about the events of Bastille Day and through participating in a French quiz.  They can read and write their numbers to 20 and can react to basic French classroom instructions.

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