Subject in the Spotlight - Science

23rd October 2022

This half term I am delighted to be able to keep you updated with all the latest Science learning that is taking place throughout our school.

The focus throughout school this half term is ‘Living Things’.

EYFS have started their learning by sorting a selection of things into ‘alive’, ‘dead’ and ‘never been alive’ and have been using some fantastic scientific terminology to support their answers.

 KS1 have explored the enquiry question, ‘Do all minibeasts live in the same place? They scoured the school grounds in search of different habitats and were amazed at how many they discovered.

In LKS2, children have been classifying living things based on their characteristics. They examined our outdoor area for living creatures to add to their keys.

Finally, UKS2 have been looking at life cycles of different amphibians and mammals. They have used secondary sources to conduct their research and investigated similarities and differences between the cycles. Great Science everyone! I can’t wait to see more fantastic learning in the next few weeks.

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