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Additional Curriculum Information for Parents

At The Gates we believe the curriculum is far greater than just the subjects taught in class. We also believe that it is important for children to pursue their interests beyond lesson time and we aim to provide a wide range of experiences and events to help pupils develop their own interests both within and beyond school.

Visits and Trips

All year groups plan trips to extend learning beyond the classroom. Often these are linked to specific topics but they may also be planned to promote specific skills or to provide opportunities for pupils to challenge themselves. Pupils in Year 6 have the opportunity to attend a residential outdoor activity break and this has been extremely popular in recent years. Trips in the local area are also planned regularly to promote various aspects of learning.

In addition, various visitors enhance learning through workshops, talks and practical sessions.


We offer a wide range of clubs and all teaching staff run at least one club. These include a wide range of sports clubs such as running, football, multi-skills and play leaders. Other clubs include homework, cross stitch, choir and cooking.


At The Gates all pupils study music across the year. Pupils may choose to extend their skills by learning to play the guitar and keyboard taught by a peripatetic music teacher.

Sport and Physical Activity

Pupils at The Gates are encouraged to be healthy and active. There are various opportunities to engage in physical activity through the various clubs, playground activities and the Daily Mile. In addition, pupils have the opportunity to participate in competitions against other schools from the local cluster and across the local authority.

The school funds swimming lessons and transport for Year 4 pupils. We also operate a house point system to facilitate healthy competition.

Information for Parents

Additional information can be obtained on the class blogging sites and by contacting the class teachers or school office.

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