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Our school uniform:

Bottle green sweatshirt or cardigan, with or without printed logo

White polo shirt with or without printed logo

Black or grey trousers (tailored, not fashion or casual)

Black, white or grey socks

Black or grey knee-length pinafore or knee-length skirt

Black sensible shoes (not trainers or high heels)

Black or grey knee length shorts (tailored, not fashion or casual)

In summer: green gingham, or striped summer dress

On your child's PE days, they should come to school wearing their PE kit with their school jumper/cardigan over the top. Please see below for appropriate PE kit.


Our PE Kit:

Black shorts (of an appropriate length - just above the knee)

White t-shirt

Black plimsolls

Trainers (black or white)

An appropriate, plain coloured (black or navy) tracksuit should be available for outdoor PE


Fleeces, book bags and P.E. bags are also available.



On health and safety grounds, we do not allow children to wear jewellery in our school. Children may wear a wristwatch but are responsible for looking after it.


We ask parents to only allow their children to have their ears pierced at the beginning of the summer holiday, so that earring studs can be removed once back at school.  Children who wear jewellery that cannot be removed will not be permitted to take part in PE or other indoor or outdoor activities.

Parents who wish their children to wear jewellery of religious significance should request to see the Head Teacher to discuss the matter.



It is dangerous for children to wear shoes that have platform soles or high heels, so we do not allow children to wear such shoes in our school. Trainers are only part of the outdoor P.E. uniform. Children are allowed to change into trainers for playtimes and dinnertimes providing they are able to do so quickly and with no disruption to learning. Children will be asked to change into school pumps if they are arrive at school with unsuitable footwear. A pair of wellies can be kept at school for wet play.         



Long hair should be tied back and extreme hairstyles (including Mohicans, tramlines, wedges, markings and those that are extremely short), are not permitted. Nail varnish and temporary tattoos are not permitted. Hair accessories should be plain and not cause a distraction.


Accessibility to school uniform

The governing body recognises the need to ensure that the uniform is affordable.  We will ensure that parents or carers, where necessary, know about any local authority scheme that can provide school clothing grants or other help towards the costs of school clothing. At the end of each half term, all parents are invited to have any lost property that is not claimed. Uniforms can be ordered Via Mr Lucas our School supplier using the form within this pack, or alternatively Andrew Leaches on Lee Lane in Horwich (01204  697624) also supply our uniform.  The governing body recognises its obligations to accommodate reasonable religious requirements within the official school uniform and to ensure it is not discriminatory on the grounds of gender, race or religion.

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