Doves - New Class Blog - 16.07.20

Date: 16th Jul 2020 @ 7:36am

Good morning Doves, 

Throwback Thursday  - Guess Who!

Today is Thursday which means there will be another 'Throwback Thursday - Guess Who' posted to the Whole School blog page (School Website > School blogs > School Blog). 

Make sure you have a look and cast your guess as to who you think the little person grew up to be! I can't wait to see your responses.

Your Work: 

It has been a pleasure to see all of your transition work so far! You are so motivated and hard working and I am super impressed. Well done!!

Todays Tasks: 

Interest/Passion Project

For the next two days, I would like you to create a project on something you are passionate about or extremely interested. This could be a hobby, a person, a place, animal etc. I want you to do as much research about it as possible and present it to me in a way that can best teach me about your chosen subject. 

Here is an example from someone who did a project on China.

I love travelling, music, walking and trying new food. But if I were to choose I would do a project on travelling and different holidays I had been too! 

Have a lovely day, 

Miss Fairhurst :) 

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